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(Marc)>> You're watching Powernation!

(Marc)>> Today on Music City Trucks we're on the road again with another Driveway Rescue. This time we find this 1978 F-100 in need of some serious repair.

(Eric)>> After a quick resurrection we get this thing back on the road.

(Marc)>> Finally we take our Low-Fi S-10 to a local car show and look who shows up. [ Music ] Ha, ha, ha! [ Music ] This has got to be the most iconic design! [ Music ]

(Eric)>> Welcome to Music City Trucks. I'm Eric Smart.

(Marc)>> And I'm Marc Christ.

(Eric)>> And today we are out for another Driveway Rescue. We got a call from this guy not too long ago. He's a fan of the show and he's been a big RockAuto customer for a while. He got himself in a little bit too deep on his truck, and he just needs a little bit of help. So we picked stuff up from RockAuto, and we're gonna go give him a hand.

(Marc)>> What kinda truck is it?

(Eric)>> A '78 F-100. He was having some fueling issues. He replaced a couple of things and just could not get it figured out, and he also had a lot of issues with his brakes.

(Marc)>> That's a tough place to be on a project. Where do you start?

(Eric)>> I would say the first thing is we've got to see what's going on with it not running. He burned up his battery. So I've got a new one of those for him too. He said that it'll crank over all day long but it won't fire. So I'm willing to bet clogged up fuel lines, or a bad fuel pump, or something like that.

(Marc)>> That's awesome, '78 Ford and they've got all the stuff, huh? So it's like a 45 year old truck?

(Eric)>> After I put in the order they shipped all the parts the next day, and they're already here.

(Marc)>> That's awesome! Wow, look at that!

(Eric)>> It's got a real nice patina on it.

(Marc)>> They don't paint trucks those colors any more. Well let's take a look at this thing. Wow, that is awesome! Looks like a pretty original truck. Looks like it's been modified. Somebody put some wide aluminum wheels on it, as they would have probably in the '80s I'm guessing.

(Eric)>> For what it is it doesn't look all that bad. It appears to be mostly original paint. Fuel tank's in the bed. So I guess that's what the guy meant when he said he started to take it apart.

(Marc)>> Now that is a 351 Cleveland.

(Eric)>> I say we did into that pile of parts I've got in the back of the van and see what we got. I guess it's helpful that he already got that fuel tank out.

(Marc)>> Half the job's over. We just put the new one in. Where do you want to start? Put a battery in it, and turn it over, and see what happens?

(Eric)>> Yeah!

(Marc)>> Let's see if it turns over any better. Go ahead and fire it off. [ engine cranking ]

(Marc)>> That's a good start.

(Eric)>> So we know it cranks over good, and that's awesome. Now before we go ahead and put the new tank in we've got to make sure that this fuel pump's actually working. Looking at it it looks pretty good and it should be fine, but we've got this glass bottle here, and that gives me an idea. Got a bottle full of gas and a screwdriver. Let's see what happens. So now we're gonna take this bottle full of gas and we're gonna stick this feed line right in here, and now let's crank it up.

(Marc)>> Try it! [ engine fires up ]

(Marc)>> Looks like your soda bottle is still full. Needs a fuel pump. [ Music ] [ drill humming ] [ Music ] [ ratchet clicking ] [ Music ]

(Marc)>> Fuel pump's in.

(Eric)>> While Marc's up there working on getting that fuel pump replaced I'm gonna solve that problem right there. Obviously that fuel tank has seen better days, and instead of trying to get it all cleaned up we figured it would be easier to just bring this guy a new fuel tank from RockAuto along with a new sending unit and some new straps to make sure that he's not gonna have any issues any time soon. So let's get all this unpackaged and get it put in the new tank. If you look your tabs here for alignment are a little bit offset from the center of the circle. Now that we know how it's got to go in we're gonna put this O-ring on the sending unit before we drop it in the tank. Now with the O-ring installed we can go ahead and drop this in nice and carefully. What you're looking for is the notches righter here to be lined up with the notches in the tank. Now we got that installed all the way, the tank's ready to go in the truck. You got it?

(Marc)>> Yep! [ Music ]

(Eric)>> Got it! There we go! Then all we've got to do is hook up the filler, hook up the line up to the fuel pump, get the sending unit plugged in, and the tank's in. [ Music ]

(Marc)>> This is always the fun part. [ Music ]

(Eric)>> We're starting to get some now!

(Marc)>> Got fuel coming in the filter? [ engine starting ]

(Eric)>> There she goes! [ engine idling ]

(Marc)>> Now we're talking! [ engine revving ]

(Marc)>> Yes!

(Eric)>> That's sounds pretty good to me!

(Marc)>> I don't want to shut it off. Well we got this thing running. Presumably drive it! We've just got to get it to stop. Those are the brakes! Coming up next, we wrap up this Driveway Rescue on this '78 F-100.

(Eric)>> Well it stopped itself in the driveway. Now we've got to see how it does on the road.

(Marc)>> Fuel gauge works, oil pressure's good!

(Marc)>> Well we're making some pretty good progress on our '78 F-100 here with our RockAuto Driveway Rescue. We went ahead and got it running, and we wrapped up the power steering system with a new power steering pump and high and low pressure hoses on there. Got a new belt on there and got that tight. Fired it up, got the power steering bled. This thing is ready to go, but now we need to get it to whoa!

(Eric)>> Speaking of whoa, these brakes are just yikes. I don't think I'd even drive this thing to the store. Judging by the condition of these rotors it's been a long time since anybody messed with these. So we're gonna be doing a full set of front brakes up here, from the wheel bearings to the rotors, calipers, pads, and the hoses just to make sure that this thing's gonna be safe on the road. So we're gonna get started tearing it down. Get our caliper popped off. [ Music ] We're gonna sit that right there for now. Not bad at all. [ Music ] That spindle looks pretty good. So we're gonna go ahead and set what we've got for replacement parts. Like I said before, we're gonna be doing a full set of front brakes on here. So we've got a new caliper, hose, pads, new clip for the hose, and all the hardware and everything that we're gonna need to get this front end pretty much brand new, at least on the brakes. So first things first, we've got to get these bearings packed.

(Marc)>> Well it looks like the owner tried to attack this brake situation not too long ago actually. It looks like it's got a new booster on it as well as a new brake master, but the lines weren't connected. So we'll go ahead and get these connected, and then I'll tackle this left front and hopefully that'll fix it. Brake lines are fixed!

(Eric)>> Now that the messy part of this job is done we can start reassembling. So we're gonna start with getting this rotor with a new inner bearing put on the spindle. Since we got new rotors we got pre-pressed races. So that's one less thing to have to do here. Now that we've got our bearings in there we'll get our washer and our nut installed. Now we need to seat the bearings, and like I mentioned before, they are low torque. Usually, at least with GM products, I'm not too sure about Ford, but the torque spec is 12 pound feet, and then loosened up to where you can get your cotter pin in. So what I like to do is take a pair of channel locks and get it on there real good. Start to tighten it down some, and then while you're spinning just get it nice and tight to where it starts to tighten up. Then bring it back about an eighth to a quarter of a turn. Make sure it's spinning smooth, and then we can adjust it from there once we get this cap and the cotter pin back in. A few gentle taps. Now we can move on too replacing the caliper and the hose. [ Music ] This other pad put on here. [ Music ] [ ratchet clicking ]

(Eric)>> Now we've got everything buttoned up on here. So all that's left to do I just bleed these front brakes and everything be back on the road.

(Marc)>> We just need to bleed this last wheel. Get all the air out of the lines. This is the last one to bleed, and then we'll be ready to get the wheels and tires on here and take this thing for a drive.

(Eric)>> Well it stopped itself in the driveway. Now we've got to see how it does on the road.

(Marc)>> Ready for this!

(Eric)>> Let's go. [ Music ] Sounds good!

(Marc)>> The fuel gauge works, oil pressure's good!

(Eric)>> How's the brakes feel?

(Marc)>> Really good actually!

(Eric)>> I think running it around his farm here, it'll at least do that for right now.

(Marc)>> I think we got him off to a good start. [ Music ] Well he should be happy. I would be.

(Eric)>> I don't know about you but I think it's pretty safe to say that we could put him back in this thing and he could at least get a bunch of farm chores done.

(Marc)>> Hopefully be motivated to get back on in it and fix it up the rest of the way on his own. We're gonna leave him a bunch of parts, right?

(Eric)>> Yeah, we've got a whole bunch of stuff we're gonna leave here so that he can keep working on this thing by himself. Speaking of motivation, that's one of the best things about RockAuto is everybody loves these magnets. I was looking through the boxes and just happened to find this, another F-100. So I'm gonna leave this here for him, and hopefully that'll keep him rolling on this.

(Marc)>> Let's get out of here!

(Eric)>> Next up, we finally take our S-10 out for its first drive and see how we did. Doesn't ride all that bad!

(Eric)>> I mean we've got it on the road. It doesn't ride all that bad actually.

(Marc)>> You think mini truck you think drivability is just like, but it's not bad.

(Eric)>> It still runs good. We didn't mess with anything under the hood. So we're safe there. Bags are working great! Sound system is awesome! [ Music ]

(Marc)>> It's basically like a stock truck.

(Eric)>> Having it at ride height, it's really not that much lower than stock.

(Marc)>> Riding the bags are very forgiving. Air suspension typically has a good ride quality. [ Music ] When you came on board we were working on the square body, which I know you loved, and then you found out by the way, we're doing a mini truck. How'd you feel about that just off the bat, be honest!

(Eric)>> I was a little surprised. This definitely isn't my style. I do like S-10s just cause they're good, reliable little trucks, but I've always seen them more as beaters than something to build. I'm pretty surprised by this one. Not my style, but now that I've built it, been around mini truckers, I can definitely appreciate the builds and the community a lot more.

(Marc)>> We've met some of the nicest people along the way. Ben helping us out, Ben Osborne, Joey at the Outlaw Garage. Everybody's wanting to help each other out.

(Eric)>> It wasn't just help with finding parts and stuff like that. It was advice too on how to do this cause neither of us has ever built a mini truck before. It was really nice to have people who have been doing this for a while offering up their expertise, and tips and tricks, and everything on how to do this the right way.

(Marc)>> Ben came in, and dove in, and helped us actually physically do work on the truck. It says a lot for that community. Now we're at the end looking back. What are the boxes you have to check?

(Eric)>> It has to be slammed.

(Marc)>> Lay frame?

(Eric)>> Yeah, it's got to be low.

(Marc)>> That's the driveshaft!

(Eric)>> Real mini truck stuff. [ Music ]

(Marc)>> What about the sound system?

(Eric)>> This is one of the most intricate systems I've ever seen, and definitely one of the best sounding, especially for the fact that it's only a six speaker system. I would never have expected this kind of sound quality or just the loudness of it. The bass, it'll make your nose itch for sure. [ Music ]

(Marc)>> I think the seat upgrades along with the other interior trim pieces that we got from TMI, nice upgrades.

(Eric)>> Also with the fabric they sent us so that all the rest of the upholstery that was done is tied in along with the seats.

(Marc)>> I like the Cruiser Collection seats. It's a nice entry level low back sporty narrow bucket that fits in here just fine. So it could fit in with just about anything, really. I guess now all that's left is to bid this thing a farewell, but before we go we wanted you to know that Summit Racing has everything you need to build a truck like this. So if you just have an old S-10 like this, or a different type of mini truck laying around that you want to build, you can go to Summit and you can click one click, one part number to get everything you need to build a truck like this. They've got a full notch for the frame. They've got the full RideTech system if you want to go the full bolt in route. Summit really prides themselves on having lots of different parts for different types of builds, and they put all of those together into what they call a parts combo, and that's what they've got for our truck. They've also got it for other Powernation builds. From Music City Trucks builds like Faux Guy and the Suburban, but also for other builds on other Powernation shows, like Engine Power, and Carcass, and Detroit Muscle. What's nice about that is it takes all the guess work out. So if you're unsure about which parts to buy you can just go check out the list. It's got everything right there for you with one click.

(Eric)>> So if you like this truck, or the other trucks we've built on this show, or any of the cars or trucks you've seen on the other Powernation shows make sure you head over to Summit Racing and check it out and see about building one all for yourself.

(Marc)>> Coming up, we hit a local car show and the mini truck world is alive and well.

(Steve)>> Y'all built finally a proper one on t-v for everybody to see.

(Eric)>> Well we made it out here to Muletown Motorfest in Columbia, Tennessee, and the truck did great on the road. So we got it here, set up, laid out, and I think it's about time we get it out and let the community see it.

(Marc)>> Yeah it's just as much fun to show this thing off as it is to drive it around. Lot of great trucks out here. I think this thing's in good company. There's a lot of mini trucks, see a lot of big trucks bagged. There's a lot of other really nice cars and trucks here. Joey from the Outlaw Garage is here. They've got a full setup behind us. I think we just need to walk around and check everything out.

(Eric)>> Let's go! [ Music ]

(Tony)>> I had the brainchild three years ago about putting a different kind of fundraiser for our organization, and we came up with this idea of doing a car. We partnered up with Parks Motors, and they were able to allow us to use their property. We kinda gear this more to a family fun type activity. It's free for the public to attend. Just come in and see the beautiful cars. So we really gear it toward a family fun day.

(Eric)>> So we're here with Spencer Meehan and his '86 C-10, and it doesn't quite lay frame, but you've got her down there pretty low. What do you have done to it?

(Spencer)>> It's just air bagged, and C-notched the back and cut the cups in the front to get it that low.

(Eric)>> Do you have a full clear coat on the whole thing? Keep that patina looking good?

(Spencer)>> It's actually just original lacquer polished.

(Eric)>> You really can't argue with a square body no matter what you do with it.

(Marc)>> Tell us about your build.

(Aaron)>> It's a 2000 S-10. It's got a Blazer front end, Sonoma hood, full air ride, custom four link.

(Marc)>> What advice would you give to somebody who may be watching this that's like man, I'd love to build a mini truck but I just don't know where to start? Like what do you do.

(Aaron)>> Just find a truck that you like. Whether it be an S-10, Nissan hard body, Toyota, something you like. People are so willing to help and lead you in the right direction. Just take your time with it. Do it right the first time cause it costs more to do it twice than do it right the first time.

(Steve)>> Y'all did good. Y'all built a proper one on TV for everybody to see, and it was great. I haven't found much anything that was wrong with it. Y'all did really good from the wheels, to the sound system, to the interior. Everything's been good.

(Tony)>> Back in the day I've had a few of those S-10s. I always loved that body style, and then I knew some guys who slammed it, and did some stuff. I really like that look. This just brings back a lot of memories of things I used to experience when I had mine, and wish I could do things like that, you know?

(Marc)>> Well y'all probably remember Ben Osborn from Buddy's Garage. He helped us out from the very beginning of this build. Eric and I'd never built a mini truck before, as we told you, which is why we brought you in as our expert. You've guided us and really took all of the fear out of it for us.

(Ben)>> I truly enjoy and have a passion for helping people finish their goals with their vehicles.

(Joey)>> I think the truck turned out awesome. I mean what it looked like when you guys brought it in, and all the work you guys have done it. Plus just an honor for us to be part of it.

(Hayley)>> I grew up in garages because my dad had a shop in Meridian, Mississippi, where I was born. I grew up hanging around low rider trucks, and listening to very boomy bass, and I feel like in a way that was part of my own music education. This has been his dream, as far as I know, his whole life. So to see him still doing it and excelling at it is really incredible. It's inspiring!

(Marc)>> It's been a fantastic day here at the show. Everybody's packing up, heading out. I think we're gonna do the same.

(Eric)>> But before we go special thanks to Tony and everybody here at Muletown Motorfest for letting us come out and show this thing off now that we're done with it, but we can't stay here all day.

(Marc)>> This time I'm driving though. [ Music ]

(Eric)> Ride out in style, let go!
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