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(Marc)>> You're watching Powernation!

(Brandon)>> Today on Music City Trucks we're here at Stovall's in Fayetteville, Tennessee.

(Marc)>> We're gonna meet Mister Bill, the founder and owner of this company, and talk to him about how he built such a cool business.

(Brandon)>> And then we're gonna get to see all the new and old tow trucks.

(Marc)>> And later we're gonna bring ourselves home a new project.

(Brandon)>> Hopefully! [ Music ] [ engine revving ] [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> Welcome to Music City Trucks. I'm Brandon Burke.

(Marc)>> And I'm Marc Christ, and today we are at Stovall's in Fayetteville, Tennessee. We're actually looking for a project, but before we do that we're gonna go talk to the man who built this business.

(Brandon)>> Bill? Let's go talk to him. [ phone ringing ]

(Bill)>> Stovall Body Shop, this is Bill. Can I help you? It was October 1st, 1968, when I went into business. I was 21 years old, and thought I knew everything. I went to college a couple of years, and then I quit college, and that's when I fell into working in a body shop for the man. I went to work for another man who had already established a body shop, and he was gonna go over there and run his brother's shop, and he wanted me to run his shop. I said, well if I'm gonna run your shop I just assume own it. I got with my mom and dad, and they mortgaged their house so I could go into business. I guess if you say who started the business, they were a critical part of starting this business. The amount of money it took to go in business I thought I would never pay back with the amount of money went into business for was a drop in the bucket for what it is today. I actually started out as a body shop. Wrecker service at that time was more less a sideline. A person going into the wrecker business today or the body shop either one is the expense and buying the up to date equipment. If you don't have the up to date equipment you're gonna be left behind. [ Music ] When I went in business you couldn't have survived just in the wrecker business. And in a small down you've got to be diversified. So, October 1st of this year we will be in business 55 years. I've got a wife that works here every day. She's the boss! She does the checks, the deposits, the payroll. She does all the money part stuff. One son is a minister in Clarksville, but he works here too when he has time, and then my oldest son works here, and my grandson, and they run the wreckers. Then I've got a brother that does body work that's been here with me since he was nine or ten years old. Basically, a family business, and I've got employees that's been here 30, 40 years. The good lord has been good to us. Been a good business, and our family members have really helped a lot. My first car was a '47 Chevrolet with a 327 four speed in it. I don't really understand why a dad would do that to a 16 year old kid, but he did. Muscle cars was made to modify. I've got a couple of Judges that are 100 percent, but I still like my modified '65. Most of these items you see up here, 90 percent of them or more was given to me. My high school class meets once a month. So, I had heart surgery in 2011. When I came back after my heart surgery they said you need to retire. My class did. I said, well let's think about this. We started out with probably 20 or 25 here every week. In that few years we've had several that died and I said, half of y'all that's retired are looking for another job and the other half of you never did work. I've known you your whole life and you never did work. So, they just laughed at that. So completely retire, probably not. I still enjoy coming out. Actually I'm 75 years old. So, you might as well say I've about done it for 70 years. I'm sure I was working on a wagon or a tricycle when I was five years old. What's my legacy when I finally go? I hope that I've treated people fairly. My legacy, I hope, is that I was good to my employees, and I was good to God and my country, and that's what everybody should try to do. Cause if you don't do those two things, I don't think you're gonna be successful.

(Marc)>> Coming up next, we move over and make room for a local company's collection that still gets used today.

[ Music ]

(Bill)>> The wrecker business has really come a long, long ways in the last 15 or 20 years. It was a good sideline for your body shop cause if you brought that vehicle in you had a lot better chance of getting to repair it. The deal out here is each one has a designated job. Darryl's is the big wreckers. He would go to Huntsville. He'd get out of school, make one or two trips to Huntsville every afternoon.

(Marc)>> When you started working here, you started when you were a teenager, right?

(Darryl)>> Correct.

(Marc)>> Was that just a natural thing for you to work here? You just always knew you were gonna work for the family business?

(Darryl)>> I'm not gonna say I didn't have a choice, but I just grew up with it and didn't know any different. Just didn't know any better. I still enjoy it.

(Marc)>> What was a typical workday for you?

(Darryl)>> Well you'd work after school and work on Saturdays, and if he went out at night I went with him. Lot of times momma didn't know where I was at with him. As long as you didn't get caught it was good.

(Marc)>> So Darryl I noticed y'all have a lot of trucks here.

(Darryl)>> Yes sir!

(Marc)>> What are these three here? They look real similar.

(Darryl)>> Those are your everyday trucks you run all day every day for the majority of your calls.

(Brandon)>> What about the ones you don't run every day?

(Darryl)>> These are not as common to run every day but when it gets serious this is what you use. This is a 22 Peterbilt with a 25 ton wrecker. It'd be for your everyday towing of big stuff.

(Brandon)>> How often do these things go out?

(Darryl)>> Not as much as the roll backs, but it just depends on the demand.

(Brandon)>> I know you've got three. So, what's the next biggest truck you've got?

(Darryl)>> It would be the 50 ton Peterbilt.

(Brandon)>> Let's go check that out.

(Marc)>> So this is the mac daddy huh Darryl?

(Darryl)>> Yes sir, this is a 50 ton Sentry rotator.

(Marc)>> So that's what makes this truck different from this other 50 ton is that piece of machinery right there?

(Darryl)>> The boom will rotate 360 degrees.

(Marc)>> So if there's a big wreck on the interstate involving a big truck or something.

(Darryl)>> It's handy on two lane roads too cause most of them aren't very wide either.

(Brandon)>> Pulling stuff out of a ditch.

(Marc)>> Let's take a look at some of your older trucks.

(Darryl)>> We can do it. This is one of our older trucks. A '73 Ford that we bought new, and my granddaddy used to drive it all the time. We re-did it in 2000.

(Marc)>> That's right up my alley Darryl.

(Darryl)>> I know y'all like the old school stuff.

(Marc)>> That's super cool! So, this truck was bought new?

(Darryl)>> New in '73.

(Marc)>> And it's been here working for this company since then?

(Brandon)>> Do you guys still use this truck?

(Darryl)>> Occasionally, yes. I use it. We don't leave anything alone. So, it's got a 460 engine, air conditioning, power windows.

(Marc)>> What will you use this truck for?

(Darryl)>> You move stuff in town with. Small cars or something. It's not gonna get put in a situation where it gets harmed.

(Marc)>> How old were you the first time you drive this truck?

(Darryl)>> 16!

(Marc)>> Probably younger than that you just don't want to say it.

(Brandon)>> So this is pretty much what you started your career as, driving?

(Marc)>> Will you ever sell that truck?

(Darryl)>> No sir!

(Marc)>> But you're into square body Chevys, right?

(Darryl)>> I like them, I do.

(Marc)>> Due in part maybe to this truck?

(Darryl)>> What you first start driving or get used to driving you comfortable with and you know what to expect out of it. Looking for a square body?

(Marc)>> We'd really like to have a square body.

(Darryl)>> I've got the one over there that I would consider selling. I don't know what you're looking for but I would consider selling it.

(Brandon)>> Let's go look at it and see if it's what we're looking for.

(Marc)>> Let's do it.

(Brandon)>> Up next, rusty gold!

(Marc)>> We're gonna check that out!

(Marc)>> Well we're here at Stovall's, and we're getting ready to go check out the yard here. Darryl cut us loose. We can hopefully find ourselves a project truck.

(Brandon)>> Let's stop yacking and start looking. Well Marc, if we wanted a patina truck I think this would be it.

(Marc)>> That looks like original paint. It's four wheel drive! Oh, it's a three quarter ton truck too.

(Brandon)>> Rusty rockers, cab corners, doors, bed sides. It's got beautiful patina.

(Marc)>> We're wanting to make a nicer truck, right?

(Brandon)>> I think so.

(Marc)>> Might be a little bit more sheet metal.

(Brandon)>> It's got the hub caps. It's a shame it's got this much rust in it though.

(Marc)>> Otherwise it'd be a super good truck.

(Brandon)>> Look at the interior, it's clean! [ Music ]

(Marc)>> Yeah, this is awesome. Let's see what else they've got.

(Brandon)>> He's got a little bit of everything, but this row's got mostly Chevy trucks.

(Marc)>> There's some Fords here, but I see some Chevys, GMC. Well let's take a look at this one. It's two wheel drive.

(Brandon)>> Long bed.

(Marc)>> That's not gonna work.

(Brandon)>> That one's pretty rough.

(Marc)>> Look at this. I think I'm in love.

(Brandon)>> Baby Blue Ranger!

(Marc)>> Can you imagine if this was your truck?

(Brandon)>> Look at that inside. Oh my god!

(Marc)>> That is awesome. Anything baby blue I'm a sucker for. [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> That is a mint bed.

(Marc)>> Too bad it's totaled in the front.

(Brandon)>> Stay focused. Back on the Chevy.

(Marc)>> Yes, Chevy truck.

(Brandon)>> Dude, look at... Wow! This thing! [ Music ]

(Marc)>> Look at that. That's some nice sheet metal.

(Brandon)>> I know it's not a long bed, and there's almost every piece missing besides the sheet metal, but dude.

(Marc)>> That's a good project.

(Brandon)>> That's a good color, brown and tan.

(Marc)>> That is a good color.

(Brandon)>> We want a long bed though, and a more complete truck. The sheet metal's in great condition though.

(Marc)>> Look at that peach!

(Brandon)>> Sierra Grande! It's got the hub caps on it still!

(Marc)>> Original paint! Listen to me. When I tell you I like early square bodies I don't think you understand how much I like early square bodies. I don't think you really understand the love I have in my heart for these trucks.

(Brandon)>> This one's got the wood grain interior. This one is cool!

(Marc)>> If this truck was four wheel drive, I don't care if it has rust on the bed sides.

(Brandon)>> It's a clean truck overall.

(Marc)>> I'd buy it!

(Brandon)>> The hub caps are what make it.

(Marc)>> That seals the deal. We need a four wheel drive truck Brandon.

(Brandon)>> I know. This is the problem with a lot of these square body trucks is a lot of them are either rusty or been wrecked. This one's technically gone.

(Marc)>> There's nothing left there.

(Brandon)>> A lot of them are like that though.

(Marc)>> Look at this Brandon. Some real man had this. What year is the truck, '48, '49?

(Brandon)>> '48.

(Marc)>> Had this with a tire machine somewhere in Alabama circa 1972 just driving around changing tires.

(Brandon)>> This dude was pimp.

(Marc)>> I'd like to shake that man's hand. The utility truck looks like it hit a utility pole.

(Brandon)>> That thing is wrecked!

(Marc)>> Consumed it.

(Brandon)>> That's off the list.

(Marc)>> You know that had a six cylinder in it.

(Brandon)>> Well I'm gonna go ahead and call it. All the trucks down here at the bottom of the yard are pretty much junk.

(Marc)>> Most of these are totals. Parts trucks basically, but I did see a few up there and that may be where that one he was talking about that we have to keep our hands off. Let's go take a look at what's up there and see if we can find something. [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> This must be the brown one that he said don't ask about.

(Marc)>> The repo truck's pretty nice.

(Brandon)>> That's super nice!

(Marc)>> Wow, I see why we're hands off.

(Brandon)>> This is the one he said he is definitely not selling. Darryl told me it's a California truck. It's got like 70,000 miles on it, original paint. Like no rust at all, but I get it. It's too nice of a truck. I mean that's all his square bodies, and to be honest there's really nothing here that we're really interested in. This one's too nice, and he's not gonna sell it, which I get. The one he wants to sell is a little bit too rough for us. The eight inches down need to be replaced on that.

(Marc)>> Even if he was willing to sell this, this is out of our price range, and the others are too far gone. So, finding something in that sweet spot is getting hard.

(Brandon)>> Especially on a square body.

(Darryl)>> Well what'd you find?

(Brandon)>> I think the ones you want to sell are a little too rough for us, and the one you don't want to sell is the one we want.

(Darryl)>> Well I got to thinking after you went down there. I grew up with a guy. He's got one. Whether he'll sell it or not I don't know, but I can get you his information. You'll be on your own there, but I can get that for you and see.

(Marc)>> That'd be good. We appreciate it. Bill, thank you sir.

(Bill)>> Yes sir.

(Brandon)>> Thank you for letting us steal your time and walk around the yard.

(Marc)>> Y'all have a great place here.

(Bill)>> Thank you, we appreciate that. So y'all are leaving now?

(Marc)>> We're leaving.

(Bill)>> You told me you was coming for 15 minutes and you been here two days now!

(Brandon)>> Well we're gone now!

(Bill)>> We enjoyed you being here.

(Marc)>> You're welcome.

(Brandon)>> Have a good one!

(Bill)>> You too!

(Darryl)>> Finally gone!

(Brandon)>> Up next, we're on the search for our square body project, and this ain't it.

(Marc)>> Well we came down the road about two and a half, three miles to Mullins Construction and Concrete.

(Brandon)>> And I think Stovall put us on to the right guy with the square body. I think this is gonna be our truck.

(Marc)>> We already know you don't want to start with a truck that's too rough, and you definitely don't want to start with a truck that's too nice cause you don't want to mess it up. So hopefully this is the right truck, and hopefully he's willing to sell it. Well, this must be the truck.

(Marc)>> You must be Chad.

(Chad)>> I am!

(Chad)>> Nice to meet you Marc, Brandon. What are y'all looking for?

(Marc)>> Something like this. Tell us about the truck.

(Chad)>> It's an '85 Chevrolet square body. It's original truck. It originally came out of Decatur, Alabama. A farmer had it, bought it new, and I think about the only thing he did with it was pull a gooseneck trailer. We bought it about four years ago, and just me and my son just play with it, have a good time with it.

(Marc)>> What's wrong with the truck?

(Chad)>> It's old! It's got a little rattle. We never investigated it, in the wheel, torque converter, something like that. Seems like it was getting loose or something. When I bought it I thought the motor would blow up in a few days and it's been going for four years. You can't kill it. I've pulled concrete trucks with it. I've done everything.

(Brandon)>> I see there's some bubbling on the cab corner. Wheel well looks solid though. You said you think the dude towed a gooseneck with it?

(Chad)>> I do. The bed is in great shape. I put that Line-X in it as soon as I got it. It was such a nice bed.

(Brandon)>> The worst part's the dent in the tailgate, and maybe that cab corner that's missing right there.

(Marc)>> That's nice.

(Brandon)>> Pop the hood!

(Chad)>> It's got a 350 in it, and to be honest with you we ain't touched this truck in a year.

(Brandon)>> You think it'll fire up?

(Chad)>> Give it a crank and see if it'll fire up.

(Marc)>> Here we go! [ engine starting and grumbling ]

(Marc)>> Hear that knock.

(Brandon)>> Torque convert, or flex plate, or something. [ engine screeching ]

(Chad)>> I meant to say it had a diesel in it.

(Brandon)>> Well we've walked around the truck, seen it, heard it run, but I know you didn't say it was for sale. Is it buyable?

(Chad)>> Yeah, it's buyable. I wasn't looking to sell it but if you're gonna do something nice with it I'll sell it.

(Brandon)>> I'll trade you some USD for the title.

(Chad)>> Alright, I guess that'll do it.

(Brandon)>> Sweet, thanks! Get this back to the shop and start working on it. [ engine starting ]

(Chad)>> I hope it makes it to the trailer. [ Music ] [ winch high pitch hum ] [ ratchet clicking ]

(Marc)>> Gotta love the straight axle.

(Brandon)>> Hey Marc.

(Marc)>> Yeah.

(Brandon)>> Got ourselves a square body.

(Marc)>> Yeah, we do. [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> Look at that! [ Music ] [ mechanical humming ]

(Brandon)>> A little toasty in there, huh?

(Marc)>> Good! [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> That is a beautiful truck. [ Music ] Marc, here's the new battery. It kinda sucks that Chad wanted his battery, but to make a deal happen I'm okay with giving back his battery.

(Marc)>> You can't blame the guy. He got half his money back, you know? So, the Duralast Gold battery has maximum cold cranking amps and reserve capacity ratings to meet or exceed your vehicle's original specifications. It's got the maximum number of plates and grids to deliver the most during start-up, and it comes with a nationwide three-year free replacement warranty. [ engine rattling ]

(Marc)>> It's a project.

(Brandon)>> Put it on the lift. Well, we finally got our square body in our hands. It took a lot of effort. Searching, digging through the internet and people we know, but we found the perfect example for us to start building.

(Marc)>> You know what this thing looks like? Looks like Scott's truck, or Dale! Are we gonna tell them what we're doing or what?

(Brandon)>> I say no.

(Marc)>> No hints?

(Brandon)>> Surprise.

(Marc)>> Let's just say it's gonna be a period correct build. I'm gonna deliver this to Scott. He'll appreciate this.

(Brandon)>> I'm gonna go to the lake.

(Marc)>> That sounds good!

(Brandon)>> We probably should order parts.
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