Who doesn’t love a Squarebody truck? Nearly all of us can recall at least one time being around them. Whether you owned one, a friend or relative had one, you would help work on one as a kid, or you at least knew somebody that drove one around town, Squarebody trucks always seem to muster up positive memories. As many of us remember, one of the most famous Squarebody trucks was the famous “Fall Guy” truck from the action tv show from the ’80s. So as a huge nod to Colt Seavers, and the Squarebody community as a whole, we made it our mission to build one of the finest Chevy K10’s you’ve ever seen!

If you look at a lot of our previous builds, many of them involve outfitting and upgrading trucks with special features and accessories that transform them from stock to head-turners. But for our Chevy K10 Squarebody, we wanted to pay tribute to the 1980 GMC K2500 Sierra we all know and love from “The Fall Guy” series. That included the lift kit, big and meaty tires, two-tone paint job, CB radio, and more. Our Faux Guy is more of a big nod to honor the legacy of the Fall Guy Truck, and we think we did a pretty good job!

While it is normal to be faced with obstacles and challenges during the building process, it’s not very often when one of our biggest struggles was actually finding the right truck to begin with! We could spend hours sifting through graveyards of trucks thinking we found the right one, but there’d always be at least one thing preventing us from taking it home. It would either be too rusty, have two-wheel drive, be wrecked beyond repair, or not be up for sale. Thankfully for us, some friends managed to point us in the right direction which led us to our 1985 Chevy K10 which was exactly what we were looking for.

By the time we were done, we had Squarebody fever. Because how can you look at a truck like this and not fantasize about having one of your own? We aimed to stay true to the traditional style made popular by the “Fall Guy” truck, but now without some modern upgrades to throw in there as well. Plus, once we got the seal of approval from the owner of one of the few remaining original “Fall Guy” trucks left in existence, we’re confident that we did it justice.