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Parts Used In This Episode

Head bolts, main bolts, valve cover bolts, rod bolts.
ATK Performance Engines
Engine block, prep work and final assembly.
Bowler Performance Transmissions
Turbo 400 and stall convertor.
Crane Cams
Shaft mounted roller rocker arms.
Denny's Driveshaft
2 PC with carrier bearing.
Dual Liner
Bed Liner <br> 04 and UP 6.5' Bed
750 CFM blower carburetor. <br>"This application call for two."
Linkage for dual carb setup.
1.) -20 CC dish forged piston. <br> 2.) 6.00 H- Beam Rod 4340 <br> 3.) 3.480 stroke forged 4340
1.) Solid roller CAM and lifter kit.<br> 2.) Valve springs, valve locks, pushrods, timing set.
1.) Engine swap oil pan. <br> 2.) High volume oil pump. <br> 3.) Pickup for 9.5 deep pan.<br> 4.) Crankshaft scraper. <br> 5.) Universal oil dipstick. <br>
Motor mounts SB CHEVY V-8.
Stainless Steel Brakes
Force 10 upgrade with black calipers and zinc plated rotors with hawk brake pads.
Stainless Steel Brakes
Zinc plated rotors upgrade with pads.
Trick Flow Specialties
Trick Flow Super 23 Race cylinder heads for SB Chevy.
6-71 Blower from Holley.
Polished short water pump.