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Parts Used In This Episode

Aeromotive Inc.
Kit components include:11101 A1000 Pump13204 Regulator(2) billet fuel filtersbraided lineshose ends, fittings, wiring, & relay all additional hardware to install the systemDual Action Adjustable Fuel Log
Hedman Hedders
Hedman Husler race headers, HTC coated Zoomie upright pulling header.
XM Rod Ends.
Summit Racing
5 Gallon aluminum fuel cell.
Summit Racing
Underdash mount pedal assembly, dual master cylinders for reverse mount pedal.
Ballistic Fabrication
Threaded tubing adapters.
Interco Tire Co.
15/39.5-15 Super Swamper TSL, 18/39.5-15 Super Swamper Bogger.
Randy's Ring & Pinion
Yukon 9.0" HD 3.250" Race Nodular iron dropout housing case. Yukon high performance spool, 5.13 gearset, Oversize aluminum pinion support, complete bearing and shim kit.
Rough Country Suspension Systems
Front leaf springs, u-bolts, polyurethane bushings, 4 Rough Country Nitro 9000 series shocks, rear springs and installation hardware.
All Spider 9 Axle Housings are 65" long (plenty of axle tube to cut to size) and are available with forward engine third member orientation or mid-engine third member orientation (as used in mid-engine competition rock crawlers). All housings are designed to work with Ford 9" style third members. The Spidertrax 1 Ton Full Floater End Cup Kit makes it easy to build your Spider 9 Housing into a competition grade full floating rear axle. Each cup is designed to press fit onto the Spider 9 housing w