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Episode Transcript

(Narrator)>> Today on XOR we take the JL off road with a couple of buddies. We thrash, we bash, and we crawl our way through coal country. The beautiful sites, outstanding weather, and wheeling on XOR.

[ horn honking ]

(Jeremy)>> Hey guys, welcome to XOR. Well hey today we're gonna go wheeling in our Jeep JL and well I've got a couple of guys with me. You guys all know LT and Austin from Truck Tech. Boys are you ready to go have a little bit of fun?

(Austin)>> Yeah buddy!

(LT)>> Now today we're actually in West Virginia of all places, and we're gonna hit up two separate off road parks, and the first is Burning Rock which is located near Sophia.

(Austin)>> That's right, it's composed of about 10,000 acres and over 100 miles of trails, all ranging in difficulty from family friendly all the way to winch recommended.

(LT)>> And the next part that we're gonna hit up is Hatfield-McCoy. Now that's located in Logan, West Virginia, and there we're gonna be focusing on the Bearwallow trail system because it can accommodate off road rigs like our JL Wrangler.

(Jeremy)>> That's right. Well we brought a whole bunch of guys with us that have kinda supported us through this entire build and we're also gonna be bringing you guys along for the ride. Want to get it unstrapped?

(Austin)>> Let's do it!

(Jeremy)>> Let's go!

[ engine starting ]

(Jeremy)>> Well we are just about ready to hit the trails and in tow we've got AMSOIL, Dana, General, and Rusty's, and we're gonna go put our rigs to the test.

(LT)>> Now even though this one does have a pretty good sized back seat Austin must have decided it wouldn't be comfortable enough for him. So I guess he has to find his own ride.

(Jeremy)>> You know what. He's a pretty big boy and I'm sure he'll make his own way.

(LT)>> So right off the bat I have to say I'm a little worried man.

(Jeremy)>> Why would you be worried about what's gonna happen?

(LT)>> I don't know that you really know where you're going. I haven't seen a mall for miles around. What's up with that?

(Jeremy)>> What are you saying about this nice Jeep we put together?

(LT)>> All I'm saying is I don't see any stores. I don't see any of that. I just see a bunch of bushes.

(Jeremy)>> Rusty's skid plates right there.

(LT)>> I was gonna say she slid right over that no problem. So you're telling me it's gonna make it up this hill?

(Jeremy)>> I'm telling you is that the mall might be on the top of the hill.

(LT)>> Well I hope you know how to use that right pedal man.

(Jeremy)>> Oh I don't think we're gonna need it all that much.

(LT)>> Oh man you're gonna scratch the new paint.

(Jeremy)>> That's on your side. I'm not too worried about my side.

(LT)>> Where's my window!

(Jeremy)>> For the first run I think it did exactly what we built it to do but...

(LT)>> Wait, hold up. That was a pretty mild hill climb. I hope you didn't build it just to do that.

(Jeremy)>> Nah we'll do more than that.

(LT)>> Just checking.

(Jeremy)>> Being the guy that's sitting in the passenger's seat, first impressions?

(LT)>> First impression alright. Well here's what I'm gathering. I notice you guys aired down those tires. I notice that when you're climbing up that hill it's pretty loose. There's a little bit of shale. That could kinda break off. You know we really didn't have a lot of wheel spin at all. Those tires, they just gripped into the dirt and it just pulled itself right up. I mean you're not even in low range are you?

(Jeremy)>> Nope we're running in high range right now and I'm not locked or anything. So it's doing the Jeep thing right now.

(LT)>> Dude hit that puddle. Hit it, come on! Whoa!

(Narrator)>> Up next the team flex out their rigs and take a beating. Find out who had to use the winch on XOR.

(Austin)>> Jeremy and LT have been flexing out the 2018 Jeep JL at Burning Rock Off Road Park located near Sophia, West Virginia. It covers 10,000 acres and has over 100 miles of trails for just about any off road vehicle. The two of them then took a little break to allow the rest of their party to catch up.

(LT)>> Jeremy I got you a present, fresh raspberries.

(Jeremy)>> I double dog dare you.

(LT)>> To do what?

(Jeremy)>> Eat it.

(LT)>> Well I don't know that they're really raspberries.

(Jeremy)>> Yeah, you know what I kinda need you for the rest of the ride. So let's maybe hop that one out the door.

(LT)>> I mean what's the worst that'll happen?

(Jeremy)>> You could swell up like balloon, like a raspberry.

(LT)>> Maybe next time. I'm more of a blueberry guy.

(Jeremy)>> Oh there we go, 67.

(LT)>> 67's a good number. Uh oh, the sign just said most difficult.

(Jeremy)>> That's kind of our style.

(LT)>> I don't know what we're getting ourselves into.

(Jeremy)>> Alright LT, we're here, first reaction?

(LT)>> I'll tell you what. I think I need to go back to the drag strip because that is one steep hill.

(Jeremy)>> We're gonna do this either one or two ways. There's speed or we're just gonna let this baby crawl. From the get go about 35 feet into it is pretty hairy but in low lock we had everything engaged. LT and I just kind of held on and the Jeep did exactly what it was supposed to do.

(LT)>> That's nothing yet. There's more to come though.

(Jeremy)>> Oh yeah we're not done. That's even better!

(LT)>> The Jeep performed flawlessly. You've got all the power in the world, lots of gear reduction with the transfer case, and there's really no drama. Just gradually easy just snake your way up the hill and made it with no problems at all.

(Austin)>> Trail 67 proved not to be much a challenge for all the rigs on our XOR Adventure Ride. So with Dana, Rusty's, General Tire, and AMSOIL in tow we went in search of an obstacle suited to access the capabilities of our upgraded vehicle. Welcome to Bevil's Playground. Following a successful run by the Dana Jeep JL Jeremy decided he would take a run at it.

(Jeremy)>> I was thinking well if Randall can make it over these rocks surely our rig can tool. This area of the park was pretty muddy, and I had to put all my faith in the General Grabbers to help me get some traction on these rocks.

(Randall)>> A little driver, feel it.

Yep, keep coming.

(Jeremy)>> The only thing I could see at times was my driver's side front tire and half the time I couldn't even see my spotter.

(Randall)>> Alright come up a little bit.

(Jeremy)>> I has to completely rely on what Randall was telling me to do.

(Randall)>> Keep coming. Hold up. Your GoPro is crunched. Just as we were lined up and our rig was making it over the biggest boulder the moss and mud covered rock didn't appreciate our two ton rig climbing on its back.

(Jeremy)>> Now we're sitting really sideways. And things, well it got a little hairy.

(LT)>> Now there comes a time in every man's life where he has to admit defeat. For me it was acting as a spotter, but for Jeremy the line he's picked may not have been the best one. So it might be time to start pulling some cable.

(Randall)>> Now give me the passenger.

Yep keep going.

(Jeremy)>> Oh that was a bumpy ride but we had the winch out. Sometimes that's how you've got to win. With a couple of battle scars our Jeep JL made it out alive. Now let's see how Scott Douglas in the AMSOIL Jeep and spotter Len Groom tackle this garden.

(Len)>> Come on, come on. Okay you're gonna pop up, straight ahead. Driver, driver, there you go. Hold it back. Come on, it's gonna lean a little. Straighten out a little driver, hold that. Okay now you're gonna come up. You're right above that crack. Keep coming, you're looking good, hold that. A little bit of driver. A little bit more. Okay come on forward. Back tire will pick you up. Keep coming, keep coming.

Okay hold, hold, a little bit more. Come on keep coming. You're good, hold that, perfect. Ease down now. Here we go. You got it, you got it. You're looking good. Okay a little passenger. Okay a little driver, straighten it out, driver, driver. There you go, driver. Back wheel's gonna bump down now, here it comes, it'll catch. There you go, keep going. A little passenger, keep going. You got this sir. You got it, nice job Scott.

(Scott)>> Okay, woo, yeah!

(Austin)>> This capped off our day of wheeling at Burning Rock Off Road Park, but there was one more place we wanted to check out before sunset.

(Narrator)>> Up next our second stop in West Virginia, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System on XOR.

(Jeremy)>> Hey guys welcome back to the show. Now we're out here in West Virginia where we just wrapped up at Burning Rock Off Road Park and we're at our second destination.

(LT)>> Today we're gonna spending our time in the Hatfield-McCoy system. Now we're on one of eight trails. Now the system is also very unique because it's made up of over nine counties worth of land, and most of the land is actually privately owned, and the owners have very generously granted permission to riders so they can access the land.

(Jeremy)>> That's right these trails are ATV, UTV, and dirt bike friendly. Now we're gonna be focusing our time here on the Bearwallow Trail System because it can accommodate the bigger size of our Jeeps. Now it's made up of about 100 miles of trails, it's open to the public, and the riders can pretty much be any skill level.

(LT)>> So what, you're gonna let me drive finally?

(Jeremy)>> I'll let you drive this time.

(LT)>> Alright.

(Jeremy)>> Let's do it.

(LT)>> Here we go!

(Jeremy)>> Do it again.

(LT)>> So right away one of the things I notice is different between this park and Burning Rock is the trails are actually cut dedicated for off road vehicles where at Burning Rock it seems like they're used on a lot of old mining roads and stuff.

(Jeremy)>> The trails they're quite a bit wider too, and with the Jeep and its platform the JL's are wider. So these just kind of fit out here and for being about 200 feet into this I think we're gonna have some fun today.

(LT)>> You know also I noticed the soil is a lot more rocky. It just adds another element of challenge I guess, but absolutely fun.

(Jeremy)>> I mean it rained at little bit last night. So that's just gonna add a whole degree of difficulty to what we're gonna do today. We've got to push these things to their max. I mean that's why we built it. Throw a bunch of really good parts at it and go out and see how far it'll take you.

(LT)>> As everyone makes it down the trail Jeremy and I took a little brake so we could all regroup. Our next plan is to head to the nearby town of Logan.

(Austin)>> How you ladies doing?

(LT)>> What did you kicked out of the other Jeep?

(Austin)>> Yep hitching a ride with you clowns.

(LT)>> Alright let's do it.

(Austin)>> Dude how's it been riding?

(LT)>> You know what, this suspension is actually like super awesome. I know we're going a little fast than maybe you should but this thing soaks it up.

(Jeremy)>> It rides out pretty good.

(LT)>> Check this out, look at this bump. Don't even tell it's there.

You hear something?

(Jeremy)>> Holy cow!

(Austin)>> This guy.

(LT)>> Wonder if he's in a rush. What the heck.

(Jeremy)>> He is a racer.

(Austin)>> I'm gonna go ride with him.

(Jeremy)>> Yeah right. With Len and Scott taking the lead in the AMSOIL rig they led the way off the trail towards the town of Logan.

(LT)>> The really cool thing about the Bearwallow trail system is that it has direct access to the town of Logan.

(Jeremy)>> The city is unique because they allow for all sorts of off road vehicles on their public streets, making for a nice pit stop during a day of wheeling.

(Narrator)>> Coming up the teeter tottering decent down one of Bearwallow's most difficult trails next on XOR.

(Jeremy)>> After one heck of a rain we're continuing on our trail riding journey through the heart of coal country. The team is back on the Bearwallow trails, which is part of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. After taking a quick pit stop downtown in the city of Logan we're in search of something a little more challenging for our rigs.

( )>> We're going down first.

(Austin)>> Our team is currently scouting out this trail called 79 The Firecracker. This will definitely put our rigs to the test.

(LT)>> Tony and Cory from General Tire were the first to attempt the decent in the XOR built Tacoma. It's riding on their ATX tire that have no problem gripping this wet terrain.

[ crowd clapping ]

(Jeremy)>> Up next is Rusty himself from Rusty's Offroad Products. His three and three quarter inch lift helps him get over these tough rocks. And well for those that he couldn't quite get over his skid plates did the trick.

One thing about running a line coming down the hill is that it constantly changes. Everything just want to go with gravity.

(LT)>> Now every time a Jeep passes by this line everything gets loosened up a little bit more. This boulder right here, it probably weighs 800 or 1,000 pounds, actually started the day up where Jeremy is standing. So you can try to pick out a line ahead of time but it's not gonna stay where you thought it was.

(LT)>> Alright well this is the first time we've seen it from the top in the vehicle.

Passenger rear wheel I think is off the ground but so far so good. Obviously a giant boulder there to your driver's side. I didn't know if you didn't see that or not. That one's not quite so big but Rusty dislodged it for you.

(Jeremy)>> We're gonna bring that one with us I think.

(LT)>> Oop, there it goes. Hey good thing you've got bead locks.

(Jeremy)>> Sliders.

(LT)>> There's something dragging.

I think you're good just to go over that rock. You'll hit the slider but at this point it's just kinda wherever mother nature decides we're gonna go is where we're gonna go.

(Jeremy)>> I have very little control right now.

(LT)>> Now I don't know why you would take a perfectly good brand new Jeep and subject it to this but evidently this is fun. Actually it is quite a bit of fun.

(Jeremy)>> Evidently.

(LT)>> I like it. We got this!

(Jeremy)>> Heck we could roll down the hill right now and we'd be alright.

(LT)>> No don't say that.

(Jeremy)>> Roll one time.

(LT)>> It's like every time somebody goes down the line changes.

(Jeremy)>> Oh yeah we're bringing that one rock.

(LT)>> And not for the better.

(Jeremy)>> It's gonna be at the bottom by the time we get down there.

(LT)>> Well maybe by the time we turn around and everybody goes back up the rocks will be right where we started.

(Jeremy)>> We'll bring it back up the hill. After everyone had a chance to make their way down Firecracker General Tire thought that our Tacoma build and their tires are right combo to climb this difficult obstacle. Cory and driver Tony gave it the skinny pedal to overcome these loose rocks and mud. As they hammered the gas and took a few bounces on some large boulders they pushed this little Yota to the stopping point.

Now all you're dealing with is mud. After a few back and forth attempts to break loose the two decided to call in some backup.

(Jeremy)>> Do we need to winch out.

(Tony)>> He's coming to help you.

(Jeremy)>> Keep going. Yeah buddy keep going! Stop! Turn passenger, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. Throttle, throttle.

With a look that says I'm glad we made it out of that obstacle I think Tony was very pleased with how well those ATX tires performed.

(LT)>> By the end of the day everyone had a go at the obstacle. So we headed back to base camp.

(Austin)>> Well I've got to say mission accomplished and one successful trip. Been to some awesome locations, met some great people, and well just had a good time.

(LT)>> And I have to say Jeremy that 2018 JL you guys have built is a very capable off road machine, and it's a blast to drive.

(Jeremy)>> We want to give a big special thanks to everybody that let us come out and play. The guys here at Bearwallow with the Hatfield and McCoy Trail System and the guys over at Burning Rock. Plus the guys at Adrenaline Cycle in London, Kentucky, for giving us a couple of side by sides so our camera crew could run around. Now if you guys are interested in anything on our builds why don't you go to Powernation TV dot com and we will see you next time. You guys ready to get out of here?

(LT)>> We're gonna get cleaned up.
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