In what started its life off as a rusted-out reject in the junkyard, Carcass saw the beauty in this unique old wrecker body tow truck. Not only did it have the patina square body look, but of all the vehicles in the lot, it also had the most charm. Despite winning over the guys and checking every item off on their list, there was a lot of work to be done.

The objective was to take on the challenge of finding something that was deemed “junk” and making it road-worthy. Once they decided this was the one, Carcass did a little work to get the truck up and running and transported it to the shop. Upon disassembly, they could see what they were working with, which wasn’t much. The C-channel was completely rusted through and the chassis needed a complete overhaul.

Their welding work came in handy as they replaced significant portions of the frame, as well as both driver and passenger floors, supplied by Brothers Trucks. The seats and shocks were provided by Summit Racing, and paint wasn’t necessary as they decided to keep the rusted patina look they found so charming when picking it out.

They replaced the engine with a small block 350 and upgraded the carburetor and inline pump supplied to them by Holley, as well as the ignition box and distributor from MSD.

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