New York City Will Sell Your Towed Car If You Don’t Pick It Up in 10 Days

Anyone who has parked, let alone driven in New York City knows what an absolute nightmare it is. Even if you haven’t, you’ll be better off taking public transit to navigate the big apple. Because, if you’re not careful in your parking, your car won’t end up in an impound lot. It’ll be on the auction block.

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How Does Towing Work in New York City?

According to New York City’s government website, a vehicle can be towed for many reasons:

  • You owe more than $350 or more in parking summons judgment debt
  • Double-parked car
  • Parked on a fire hydrant
  • Unpaid parking meter
  • Blocking an intersection or tunnel
  • Blocking a driveway

What Happens If Your Vehicle Is Towed in NYC?

This somewhat-known rule is part of NYC’s civil forfeiture system that permits the city to auction off a towed vehicle 10 business days after being impounded, regardless of the circumstances. That means if your vehicle gets towed in New York City, you have two weeks to pick it up. Within those ten days, the owner of the vehicle is required to pay all tickets and penalties in order to redeem it. Any longer, and it’ll be up for auction.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you are also prohibited from bidding on your own vehicle to buy it back.

While it certainly is unfortunate for the owner of the car to lose it at an auction, it can also be a victory if you are in the market for a used car at a low price. Of course, there are a few pros and cons involved.

The vehicles are sold “as is” and don’t come with any warranties. Any vehicle with an existing lien will be taken on by its new owner. The vehicle’s new owner will also not be responsible for any pre-existing traffic violations made by the previous owner. So if you are planning on buying a towed car from an auction, buyer beware and steady your expectations.

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