The Ford Crown Victoria is probably most known for being the car model of choice for many police cruisers up until 2012 when it was discontinued. But in the gearhead community, it is one of the most well-rounded cars to work on because they are super cheap, durable, and you could do literally anything you want to it. And because the guys of Carcass have always got a need for speed, envisioning a Spec Panther built for the track was going to be made a reality.

Because this is going to be built to Spec, that means that we can only add certain upgrades that stay in the parameters of the spec rules. So getting the maximum amount of power and performance out of this build, on top of already being a used and abused Crown Vic, without violating any guidelines is certainly a challenge, but not impossible. Thankfully we had all of the right parts on hand courtesy of Summit Racing.

By the time the Spec Panther made it to the track, it more than exceeded expectations. We were blown away by the amount of control and power it had on the track, especially by how well the tires were able to stick while operating at high temperatures. Overall, we were very satisfied with the entire project from beginning to end in a project that would have been a very straightforward build for anyone.