Why Every Garage and Shop Needs This 2-Post Symmetric Lift

When you take working on cars, trucks, and SUVs as seriously as we do, then you understand much space can be a commodity. You only have so much room to work in and you can’t always use a creeper every time you need to get under the car. You’ll see us upgrading exhausts, swapping out brake rotors, changing drive shafts, and the list goes on and on. So rather than working harder, we’d prefer to work smarter by using the AL-12C 2-post lift by Advantage Lifts.

What makes this 2-post lift a main attraction in our shops is that since we have such a wide variety of projects coming in and out of here, it can handle pretty much any vehicle we throw at it. With a lifting capacity of 12,000 lbs, built with industrial grade steel, and equipped with four universal foot pads made from polyurethane, it can safely raise the smallest cars to the larger trucks into the air with ease.

Just check out some more of the AL-12C’s specs below:

Lift TypeOverhead
Capacity12,000 lbs
Assembled Dimensions11′ 10″ Tall
12′ 11″ Wide (with motor)
Shipping Dimensions4′ 1″ Tall
1′ 8″ Wide
12′ 3″ Long
Shipping Weight2,400 lbs
Motor240 Volt 20 Amp
Lift ConfigurationSymmetric
Arm Type2 Stage Front/Rear
Rise Height72.75″ – 6′ 1″
Overall Height143″ – 11′ 11″
Overall Width157.33″ – 13′ 1″
Drive-Thru Clearance119.25″ – 9′ 11″
Front Arm Reach37″ – 55″
Rear Arm Reach37″ – 55″
Min. Pad Height4.5″
Floor-to-Overhead Switch137″ – 11′ 5″
Max Clearance6′ 2.75″
Inside Columns130″ – 10′ 10″
Speed of RiseApprox 43 seconds
Ceiling Height Required144″ – 12′
To Front Obstruction To144″ – 12′
Rear Obstruction144″ – 12′

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