How to Get Extra Ground Clearance without a Lift Kit

You don’t need a lift kit or spacers to get some extra ground clearance

Bilstein’s B8 TerraSport Shocks can provide one to two inches of lift depending on application. That not only gives you more ground clearance, it can improve approach and departure angles for improved off-road capability. The TerraSport shocks also have patented digressive valving that allows them to  instantly react to changing surface conditions, giving you a stable, controlled, and comfortable ride on and off-road. Sounds like a great deal all-around.

The Better Way to Restore Your Vehicle’s Paint

Restoring the gloss to your vehicle’s tired paint will go a lot easier with Malco’s EPIC Paint Correction Kit. Designed for use with dual action and orbital polishers, the EPIC kit has heavy- and medium-duty buffing compounds, pads, and finishing polish to remove fine sanding scratches and heavy oxidation to restore showroom gloss. The buffing compound and polish have colored caps—just use the pad that matches the cap color and you’re good to go.