Study Shows Which Vehicles Have The Most & Least Number of Lifetime Recalls

For drivers, vehicle recalls are hardly a pleasant experience. Sure, chances are you won’t have to pay to have the issue fixed by your local dealership. But depending on the issue, you may find yourself without a vehicle for a few hours to a few days. According to a study conducted by iSeeCars, there were over 400 recalls issued in 2022, affecting more than 25 million vehicles. The figures were even higher in 2021 where over 1,000 recalls were sent out, which affected more than 35 million vehicles.

Cars, like any other machine, can wear down over time and use. With that, issues regarding safety and/or functionality can come up. If the same issue happens to a particular model enough times, that’s when a recall gets sent out to either fix or prevent it from happening again.

But in this same study by iSeeCars, the likeliness of a recall can depend on the specific model involved. By analyzing data regarding vehicle recalls provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for models of the last 10 model years to determine the estimated number of recalls it will see in a 30-year lifespan.

The 25 Models with the Most Recalls

On average, vehicles of all makes and models will see four recalls in its lifetime. But based on the data, the most recalled vehicle on the list was the Tesla Model Y with a projected 62 recalls, which is more than 15 times the average amount. Tesla, despite being fully electric, takes up most of the top slots on the list. The Telsa Model 3 takes the third slot with a projected 56 recalls. The Tesla Model X is in fourth place with 27 lifetime recalls, and the Telsa Model S trails behind in fifth place with 26 recalls.

The only non-electric vehicle in the top 5 spots is the Porsche Panamera coupe, which placed second on the list with 61 lifetime recalls.

Models with the Most Safety Recalls
RankModelExpected 30-yr Lifetime RecallsCompared to Overall Average
1Tesla Model Y62.415.60x
2Porsche Panamera61.815.45x
3Tesla Model 356.814.2x
4Tesla Model X27.36.83x
5Tesla Model S26.46.60x
6Lincoln Aviator23.05.75x
7Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport22.45.60x
8Volkswagen Atlas20.85.20x
9Ram 150020.55.13x
10Ram 1500 Classic20.55.13x
11Ford F-15016.94.23x
12Porsche Macan16.14.03x
13Porsche Cayenne15.63.90x
14Kia Telluride14.43.60x
15Porsche 91113.03.25x
16Lincoln Corsair12.73.18x
17BMW X712.43.10x
18Ford Explorer11.82.95x
19BMW 3 Series11.72.93x
20BMW 5 Series10.72.68x
21Jeep Grand Cherokee10.42.60x
22Jeep Grand Cherokee L10.42.60x
23Chevrolet Silverado 150010.22.55x
24Subaru Ascent10.12.53x
25Jeep Wrangler10.02.50x
Overall Average4.0

The 33 Models with the Least Recalls

As it was previously mentioned, the overall average number of recalls a vehicle will see is four. While the previous list detailed which models are seeing an above-average number of recall notices, there is also an impressive list of models that will probably never see one in their lifetime. Brands like Mercedes-Benz have nine models earning places on the list for least-recalled cars, as well as Toyota & Lexus which also have nine models making the list with lower-than-average lifetime recalls.

Models with the Fewest Safety Recalls
RankModelExpected 30-yr Lifetime RecallsCompared to Overall Average
1MINI Convertible0.20.05x
2Lexus NX 300h0.30.08x
3Lincoln MKZ Hybrid0.50.13x
4Mercedes-Benz CLA0.50.13x
5Lexus RX 450h0.50.13x
6Nissan 370Z0.50.13x
7Hyundai Elantra GT0.60.15x
8Mercedes-Benz GLA0.60.15x
9Mercedes-Benz GLC0.70.18x
10Lexus IS 3000.70.18x
11Mercedes-Benz GLE0.70.18x
12Ford Fusion Energi0.70.18x
13Mercedes-Benz AMG GT0.70.18x
14Mazda CX-30.70.18x
15Lexus ES 300h0.80.20x
16Kia Rio 5-Door0.80.20x
17Lexus RC 3500.80.20x
18Mercedes-Benz GLB0.90.23x
19Infiniti QX500.90.23x
20Chevrolet TrailBlazer0.90.23x
21Mercedes-Benz S-Class0.90.23x
22Ford Fusion Hybrid0.90.23x
23Mercedes-Benz GLS0.90.23x
24Nissan Titan XD0.90.23x
25Lexus IS 3501.00.25x
26MINI Clubman1.00.25x
27Mitsubishi Mirage G41.00.25x
28Toyota Prius Prime1.00.25x
29Toyota Corolla Hatchback1.00.25x
30Mercedes-Benz A-Class1.00.25x
31Toyota Camry Hybrid1.00.25x
32FIAT 500X1.00.25x
33Infiniti Q601.00.25x
Overall Average4.0

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