These Are The Top 10 Auto Brands With The Most Recalls in 2023

Getting recalls in the mail is never fun. It means that the manufacturer discovered something in need of repair that may concern you and your car, and how you have to set time out of your day to bring it to the dealership to get it fixed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 320 recalls for major manufacturers issued by regulators in 2023, which affected an estimated 32 million vehicles. Amazingly, the number of recalls in 2023 was dramatically less than in 2022, which was reported to be 932.

However, given the decrease in 2023, there were still some auto brands that issued recalls more than others.

Top 10 Auto Brands with the Most Recalls in 2023

RankBrandNumber of RecallsVehicles Potentially Affected
1Ford565.9 million
2Chrysler452.7 million
5General Motors252 million
6Nissan231.8 million
7Kia213.1 million
10Honda196.3 million

Data Takeaways

  • Ford recalled over 870,000 newer F-150 pickup trucks in the U.S. due to faulty electric parking brakes
  • Ford also recalled over 238k Explorers because the rear axle mounting bolt on some models could potentially fracture, causing the driveshaft to disconnect.
  • 341,000 Ram diesel trucks were recalled due to an electrical connector issue that could overheat, resulting in potential fires. One owner stated that his Ram truck caught on fire after the engine was turned off. Ram informed affected owners to keep their trucks parked outside until the repairs were made.
  • Ram issued a “do not drive” order for older pickup trucks equipped with Takata airbags
  • 132,000 Jeep Cherokees were recalled over similar potential fire-related issues
  • BMW sent out recalls for a small number of SUVs because the driver’s airbag inflators would blow apart in a crash, causing shards of metal to eject and potentially injure or kill drivers and passengers
  • General Motors recalled certain Chevrolet Silverados model year 2019 or later after a potential brake fluid leak was discovered that could lead to a fire.
  • Nissan recalled over 463,000 older vehicles because the emblem on the steering wheel could come loose and injure the driver when the airbag is deployed. A majority of these vehicles were Frontier small pickups, larger Titan pickups, Xterra Pathfinder SUVs, and Armada SUVs model years 2008 to 2011.
  • Nissan also recalled over 809,000 Rogues and Rogue Sports (model years 2017 through 2022) over a key-related problem that could cause the ignition to shut off mid-drive.
  • Hyundai and Kia told 92,000 U.S. owners to park their vehicles outside because of an electronic controller in the oil pump that would overheat and potentially cause fires.
  • Jaguar also released a recall for 6,000 electric SUVs over a fire-related issue. Specifically, its high-voltage battery could potentially ignite and catch fire.
  • Volkswagen released a recall on over 143,000 2018-2021 Atlas and 2020 Atlas Cross Sports over “faulty occupant detection systems in the front passenger seat.
  • Honda released a recall on several hundred thousand new 2023-2024 Accord and HR-V vehicles due to a missing part in the front seat belt pretensioners. This could increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash.

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