Watch This Lifted Truck Struggle To Escape Soft Ground at a Drive-Thru

If you look back on your personal driving record, you are aware of a few embarrassing mistakes you’ve made here and there out on the road. Most of them, as far as you know, have not been caught on video. Unfortunately for one lifted pickup truck owner, hopping the curb onto some soft ground at a drive-thru has served some viral gold at his expense.

In a video shared to the Subreddit Idiots In Cars, we watch as one Ford owner’s debacle escalates from bad to worse in a manner of seconds in a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant. It appears that the driver decided to attempt to exit the drive-thru by driving through the grass instead of the designated route. Unfortunately for him, driving on the grass with as powerful a truck as his only led to his detriment.

Immediately as the truck drove onto the lawn, its front tires immediately sank into the soft turf down to the axles. With very little traction, the driver decides to proceed further into the dirt instead of backing out. From there, we are rewarded with dirt and mud sent flying everywhere while the truck itself remains unmoved.

Although the video ends without any conclusion, there are three possible outcomes for this situation:

  1. The truck owner eventually drove out of the soft terrain
  2. The truck was pulled out thanks to another truck
  3. The truck is still there

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