Toyota’s Hydrogen Powered Pizza Oven and Grill: A Game-Changing Culinary Revolution

Toyota’s Leap into Hydrogen Cooking

Toyota’s Hydrogen Powered Pizza Oven- Photo courtesy of

Toyota, a powerhouse in the automotive world, has shifted gears into an unexpected domain: hydrogen-powered cooking appliances, starting with a hydrogen powered pizza oven. Partnering with Rinnai, a leader in gas appliance manufacturing, they’ve rolled out the world’s first hydrogen-fueled stone oven and barbecue grill. This bold move highlights Toyota’s dedication to showcasing hydrogen’s versatility, proving it’s more than just a fuel for cars but a potential game-changer in everyday energy use.

Innovative Technology and Unique Challenges with a Hydrogen Powered Pizza Oven

Creating a hydrogen powered pizza oven presented unique challenges, as there were no existing safety standards to follow. Toyota and Rinnai combined their expertise to overcome these obstacles. The stone oven features technology derived from Toyota’s Mirai, incorporating systems for safely supplying and monitoring hydrogen. Rinnai’s experience with furnace control systems played a crucial role in ensuring the appliance’s safety and functionality. The result is a mobile stone oven that looks like a traditional pizza oven but operates on clean hydrogen energy.

Culinary Benefits of Hydrogen

Toyota’s employees have been experimenting with various recipes, making pizzas and croissants during their workdays using the hydrogen powered pizza oven. The high combustion temperature of hydrogen ensures that food cooks quickly while retaining its moisture, resulting in dishes that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This method of cooking particularly benefits ingredients that tend to dry out on traditional grills, such as mushrooms and vegetables, which come out flavorful and succulent.

Toyota Employee using new Hydrogen Oven- photo courtesy of

Promoting a Hydrogen-Powered Future

Toyota’s venture into hydrogen cooking appliances is part of a broader strategy to promote hydrogen as a mainstream energy source. By integrating hydrogen into familiar activities like cooking, Toyota looks to make this clean energy more approachable and accepted by the public. The hydrogen-powered stone oven was showcased at the Japan Mobility Show, where it received enthusiastic responses, particularly from children, sparking interest in hydrogen technology among the younger generation.

Expanding the Horizon of Hydrogen Cooking

Building on the success of the hydrogen-powered stone oven, Toyota expanded its range of hydrogen cooking appliances to include a grill and a kamado. These appliances have been used at various Toyota-endorsed motorsport events, integrating hydrogen technology into different facets of everyday life. Despite the commercial challenges faced by hydrogen-powered vehicles like the Mirai, Toyota remains committed to advancing hydrogen technology, with ongoing developments in hydrogen-fueled engines and the GR H2 Racing concept.

Toyota’s venture into hydrogen-powered cooking appliances marks a significant step towards a sustainable and innovative energy future. As hydrogen technology continues to evolve, its potential applications extend far beyond the automotive industry, promising to revolutionize everyday activities and contribute to a cleaner, greener world.

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