Man Drives His Dodge Challenger Off Repo Truck While It Was Being Towed

If you still owe money on a vehicle and you find yourself missing a few monthly payments, there’s a strong possibility that it will be repossessed. In 2021, about 2.2 million cars were repo’d in the U.S. alone. That calculates to an average of 6,027 vehicles per day.

In a viral video shared by Raphousetv, a (former) Dodge Challenger owner pulls off a dangerous and risky move into reclaiming his car back. Taken from video by the repo truck’s rear-facing camera, we see the man jump into the driver’s seat of the Challenger while it is already being towed.

The man was surprisingly successful in driving the Challenger off the repo truck, though he came close to hitting another car.

Although the man may consider this a victory, there is a greater chance that he may have made things even worse. Missing a payment can dock some points off your credit score, but aggressively avoiding the repo man while trying to keep up with payments is a risky game.

While the owner of the Dodge Challenger is certainly wrong for attempting a risky stunt, the tow truck driver could also face charges of kidnapping if they were aware there was an occupant in the car while it was being towed. Most tow truck drivers will not drive away with a person in the other car, so it is likely that the repo man in the video was not aware that the Challenger’s owner had jumped in the car while he was driving away.

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