How To Carry A Heavy-Duty Jack In Your Rig

If you run bigger wheels or tires on your rig there’s a chance you’ll have to change them while you’re out on the trail. And usually, the stock jack that comes with a vehicle isn’t going to cut it. So here is a way to carry a bigger, more heavy-duty jack and also a way to keep it from sinking down in the mud or sand.

Get started by putting down some measurements on a piece of 16-gauge sheet metal. For our project, it’s about 23 X 12″. Next, mark a 1″ bend line. You can then weld it to your cage, in our case it’s going on the PreRunner.

Next up is making sure it won’t sink in the mud or sand. Simply weld on a piece of aluminum to the bottom to disperse the weight. Using an angle grinder and grinding disk, take the powder coating off the jack. Then TIG weld the plate to the bottom. You can also weld a couple pieces of tubing to keep the handles in place and washers to keep it all in place.

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