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Episode Transcript

(Jeremy)>> You're watching Powernation!

(LT)>> Well there it is. Project Lo 'n Slo is finally outside the shop because it's done, and today we finally get to feel how that turbo 292 drives under full boost.

(Austin)>> Finito, finally at the end, the build is complete, so get excited. [ MUSIC ] [ engine revving ]

(LT)>> Yeah baby! Woo hoo, yeah! [ MUSIC ]

(Austin)>> Well buddy we finally made it. It's been a long time since we first took the cab off this rusty old frame and sent it off to powder coat.

(LT)>> You know my favorite part about Lo 'n Slo is you probably can't tell that the cab has ever even been off of the frame because it has such a nice patina finish on the outside. It looks like we just pulled it out of a field, but as they say there's more than meets the eye.

(Austin)>> And that is what custom truck building is all about my friend. It's the subtle touches, such as the brand new paint on the roof, draping it down the back, an entire new bed floor, added some nice wide wheel tubs, then finished up the exterior with some new chrome trim and chrome bumpers.

(LT)>> And most of our effort was spent on the chassis. Now even though this truck looks old and decrepit on the outside we spent a whole lot of time on the chassis to make it run and drive like a brand new truck that's right off the showroom floor.

(Austin)>> But if you take a seat on the inside it will drop you right back into 1965. It still has that nostalgic original feel it's just freshened up with new paint, custom seat upholstery, door panels, and some nice gauges and steering wheel.

(LT)>> And there's a whole lot of details that we're leaving out. So here's a quick look back at where we got started.

(Austin)>> We bought this truck sight unseen and we're very pleased to find out how nice of a patina it had on its surface. It came to us from Marshall, Texas, where the sun is always shining. So the elements had plenty of time to work their magic on the paint without completely rotting away the metal.

(LT)>> And this truck would actually run and drive, and let me tell you it was an experience. The manual shift on the column was a throwback for sure, which made this truck an absolute blast. Even though the suspension was completely shot, the engine had a slight miss, and the bench seat was like riding on a horse drawn wagon.

(Austin)>> So we didn't waste any time on Lo 'n Slo. We got right to work on tearing her down. We're not gonna be touching much of anything on the exterior but we did want to address the frame. So the first thing was to remove that bed and cab off the chassis. Once it was all stripped down we sent it off to get a new coat of semi-gloss black powder coat, and then built out the frame with an all-new suspension, which will sit nice and low to the ground and greatly improve the handling of this 55 year old pickup.

(LT)>> Finally we paired a GM 292 straight six with a Tremec 5-speed from American Powertrain, which will give this truck truly a unique driving experience. Having a 292 straight six by itself is pretty unique. However we wanted to turn it up a notch even further than that. So on the passenger side we fabricated a mount and installed an S-366 turbo that's putting out 11 pounds of boost.

(Austin)>> Now the awesome thing about that is stock this engine would typically only put out about 165 horsepower and we more than doubled that, and got it somewhere right at 500 pounds of torque. I'd say that's pretty awesome in itself.

(LT)>> Now those numbers are impressive but for me the cool thing is the unique factor cause if you go to a truck show and there's a 100 C-10's you're mostly gonna find small block Chevys and LS's, and perhaps the occasional big block, but this one truly stands out from the crowd.

(Austin)>> Well fun to talk about, fun to look at, more fun to drive. So I say let's hit the road there.

(LT)>> Don't wreck it!

(Austin)>> No promises! [ MUSIC ] There is nothing like the feeling you experience when you drive an old classic truck, and driving this 1965 C-10 that me and ole Lawrence built is no different. Just cause it's a custom built truck doesn't mean it doesn't still have those same old classic and nostalgic styling cues.

(LT)>> I think my favorite part about this old truck is the sound of it because it's so deceiving or confusing for people. Think about it. You see an old truck like this and you're gonna think it's gotta have a V-8 under the hood, and then you hear that distinctive inline 6 sound and that whistle of the turbo and the blow off valve and you're like wait a second. I'm looking for a Supra, or a Skyline, or some sort of import car, but then it'll finally click and you realize wait a second. That old C-10 has got a turbocharged straight 6 under the hood, and that right there is what makes this truck so unique.

(Austin)>> This is just a fun truck to drive man. It don't get better, does not get better! [ engine revving ] [ blow off valve whistling ]

(LT)>> I love it! An old rusty truck that drives and handles just like a brand new sports car. It does not get any better than that. [ MUSIC ] Next James Otto's love for the C-10 is mutual.

(James)>> It was my grandfather's truck. It spent its whole life on a farm up in North Dakota, and I wanted it to be a pro touring truck, and that's the way we built it.

(LT)>> If you do a lot of towing like we do, whether it's a car, a boat, or even a utility trailer, keeping it secured when it's left unattended is pretty important. This is the Bolt Off Vehicle Coupler Lock and it'll make sure your trailer stays exactly where you left it, and the best part is it can be programmed to your truck's key. First program the lock to your key by turning it all the way to the right. The off vehicle couple lock works with all popular trailer ball sizes. Just slide it under the couple and close it down. This horse shoe bar prevents access to the lock, and this long pin secures it to the lock mechanism, and as you can see this trailer isn't going anywhere. [ MUSIC ] We're not the only ones cruising the backroads in a tricked out C-10. We asked our buddy country music artist James Otto to join us in his '66 resto mod featured at the SEMA show. We put our trucks side by side just to contrast how each were built in completely different styles. Now I don't think we could have found a cooler comparison between two trucks which started out life virtually identical, and they've would up in two totally different places. So James tell us a little bit about your truck.

(James)>> Well you know it's a 1966 C-10. It was my grandfathers. It spent its whole life on a farm up in North Dakota, and I wanted it to be a pro touring truck and that's the way we built it. I love the old patina look, it's a great look, but this thing needed to look high tech. It needed to look like 2020, and hopefully we accomplished that. It's got an LS under the hood, about 500 horse, 6-speed stick underneath it. It's got Ridetech suspension and does everything I need it to do.

(LT)>> Tell me about the chassis. Did you start from scratch with a whole aftermarket unit or did you build off of a stock frame?

(James)>> You know we found a stock short wheel base chassis and then did a frame stiffener in it, and then did the stage 3 Ridetech setup underneath it. So it handles like it's on rails. It's been a blast to drive. I'm having fun with it.

(LT)>> Now other than the patina finish the other big difference between these two is what was stuck under the hood. So tell us your thoughts on this C-10.

(James)>> I love that you kept it like that. I think that is such a cool way to do it. LS' are belly button, everybody's got one. I love my LS and it's perfect for auto crossing, and that's what I wanted to do, but with a patina truck and this vibe it's hard to beat.

(LT)>> This is probably the coolest comparison that we could have done.

(James)>> I think so too. The juxtaposition of same body style and ending up in a completely different spot. Man that's what hot rodding's all about.

(LT)>> You got that right. Well it was great hanging out with James and his beautiful C-10, and it's built in a totally different style from this truck here but they're both perfect examples of classic American iron. Now for our truck it's time to put it to the test and see how fast it's going to go in a straight line.

(Austin)>> Now anytime we finish a build you'll always see us driving them on the road, see how it feels and handles, but you'll definitely always see us at some sort of race track, and I don't even care what kind it is.

(LT)>> And the great thing about a drag strip, it's sort of a universal measuring stick because I don't care where you live there's bound to be some sort of a drag strip near your home. So it's a great way to compare your truck or car to any other vehicle out on the road.

(Austin)>> I have no clue this truck's gonna be but we're gonna find out and we're gonna have fun doing it.

(LT)>> Get to it, your first.

(Austin)>> Hopefully I don't break. We about to the run the little C-10 down the track and see how fast it goes, and I don't know how fast it's gonna go.

(LT)>> Hey don't break it!

(Austin)>> I hope I don't break it. Why are you always worried about me breaking everything?

(LT)>> I know you too well. [ engine revving ] [ MUSIC ] [ engine revving ] [ MUSIC ] [ bleep ] [ MUSIC ]

(Austin)>> I may have broke it! It doesn't sound great. LT's gonna be made at me. That's alright! We might have slightly broke it. What's rattling? [ MUSIC ]

(LT)>> So what happened? Was it shifting funny or what?

(Austin)>> So when I went to put it in a gear it didn't want to take it. So I just stopped. I shifted into second, when I went to put it into third it didn't want to take it.

(LT)>> Turn that @#%^ camera off.

(Austin)>> But something is rattling. [ MUSIC ]

(LT)>> That's why we trailer these things.

(Austin)>> I went from third to second. Not third to second, this dude's messing me up with numbers. You know I can't count past five. So I went to second and when I went to third it didn't want it. So I just had to get out of it. [ engine starting ] [ MUSIC ]

(Austin)>> LT's gonna be mad at me for a while. He'll get over it and if he doesn't doesn't matter. Well you win some you lose some.

(LT)>> And?

(Austin)>> Complications, don't really know what they are at the moment but we're gonna take it back to shop and we're gonna figure it out. That's all part of it. You build it, you break it, bring it back, figure out what's wrong, and rebuild it.

(LT)>> Some things are just better left unsaid and I really don't have anything to add. So yeah, in the trailer and back to the shop.

(Austin)>> He's just upset cause he didn't get to drive.

(LT)>> With our C-10 I was worried that we had damaged the 292 but it turns out the flywheel bolts had backed out. So it was just rattling around, no big deal. Want to learn more about this build check it out, Powernation TV dot com. Next rescuing this jacked up Tundra.

(LT)>> For the most part we get to turn wrenches in our nice air conditioned shop but every now and again, usually in the middle of August, we like to hit the road for a segment we call Driveway Rescue, and with some help from Rock Auto we get to restore or fix up a viewer's truck, and to help me install all these parts that just showed up I've got some help. Guys this is Austin Colson. Why don't you tell them a little bit about yourself?

(Austin)>> Sure, I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm a custom care builder. I've built everything from the world's smallest street legal car up to a 20 ton custom pizza truck.

(LT)>> And I hope some pickup trucks as well right?

(Austin)>> Absolutely but I'm looking at these parts and I'm not exactly sure what we're gonna be working on.

(LT)>> Well today we've got a 2014 Toyota Tundra. Now that is a little bit newer vehicle but it does have some higher miles on it, and the viewer's main complaint was that the back brakes were completely shot. So I logged onto Rock Auto's website and I picked out some back brakes, some front brakes, some 100,000 mile tune up parts, and because Rock Auto also sells some aftermarket accessories I pretty much grabbed one of everything.

(Austin)>> Awesome well let's get this loaded up and get on the road.

(LT)>> Sounds like a plan to me. We'll put the jungle gym right on top. [ MUSIC ] Well there's a big red Toyota, that must be us.

(Austin)>> Looks like it.

(LT)>> Well you must be Jason.

(Jason)>> Yes sir, you must be LT.

(LT)>> Absolutely, look at the size of this truck. This is pretty cool huh?

(Jason)>> I enjoy it.

(LT)>> So you do oil work right?

(Jason)>> I do work on the oil line.

(LT)>> Well you need a truck like this that's for sure. You said you needed some brakes on the back of it right it?

(LT)>> Otherwise this is a pretty cool looking truck but I've got some extra goodies in here. I think we can spruce this up, give it a little extra protection.

(Jason)>> That'd be great.

(LT)>> How long you had it?

(Jason)>> I've had it for about 2 years now.

(LT)>> Is the red the reason you got it?

(Jason)>> It definitely helps.

(Austin)>> Well this might be the first Tundra I've see that wasn't gold or white. I like the red. Should be a pretty straight forward job.

(LT)>> Well we've got a van full of parts. You want to check it out real quick? I think you'll be surprised by how much stuff we fit in there.

(Jason)>> That sounds cool.

(LT)>> All these parts right here for your Tundra.

(Jason)>> Look at that. What do you guys work at UPS. My truck is a 2014 Toyota Tundra. It's not stock. I work in the oil and gas industry. So I need a truck that was lifted, four wheel drive, and that was the first one I liked so I got it. My boy loves hopping in and out of it. He loves to start it all the time. My wife on the other hand has to be observant of what she wears when she tries to climb into the truck.

(Tate)>> My name is Tate, and I'm 12 years old, and I love my dad's truck. I love the sound and how it feels when you get into. I don't have my driver's license yet but one day I will drive this truck.

(LT)>> Any idea what this is. I can't figure out where to put it.

(Jason)>> With the coronavirus hitting it's pretty much shut down a lot of my industry, and I've been out of work for at least 5 months now, and it's been difficult trying to figure how to get back to work and what I'm gonna be doing. Hopefully things pick back up real soon here. That you guys are gonna come in, and do all this, and I don't have a bill at the end of it is amazing. I just feel totally blessed by it. I can't thank you guys enough for what you're about to do. It's amazing!

(LT)>> Well since brakes was the first thing on the list that's where we're gonna get started. We've just got to get the truck off of this incline. [ MUSIC ]

(LT)>> That's good! So Jason's never actually done a brake job on this truck before and that's understandable. If you've never done disc brakes it can be a little bit confusing to figure out how it comes apart but it's really quite simple. The first objective is you've got to get the caliper off because that kind of sandwiches the pads in and the pads are actually what stop the truck. So once the caliper comes away the old pads lift out, and let's see if the tire shop was telling the truth. Yep indeed they are completely worn out and they need a replacement. So it's a good thing he called us. Now for the bracket. [ MUSIC ] [ metal clanging ] [ MUSIC ]

(LT)>> You figure that one out okay?

(Austin)>> Yeah, it turns out you're supposed to use an M-8 x 1.25 bolt to remove these but if you don't have one we can go the LT way and do a hammer.

(LT)>> I like it. With the brakes taken care of we're gonna move on to a couple of other regular maintenance items. This truck just rolled over 110,000 miles. So we're gonna start by changing out a couple of the fluids most people don't think of, namely the differential. Well it looks like someone beat me to this cause that fluid is actually really clean but it's gonna get new stuff anyway. [ MUSIC ] Alright here we go! Yep that's definitely been changes as well. I'm getting messy, so I'm gonna back up. Next body protection for the field.

(Jason)>> This is an instant read thermometer. We're gonna do a little temperature gig and see how hot the vehicle is here at 3:30 in the afternoon. It says 155 degrees. I think that's a little hot to be working.

(LT)>> I don't know what he's talking about. I think August is the perfect time to be working outside.

(Austin)>> Now this truck has 110,000 miles on the clock but we only know about the last 50,000 miles while Jason's owned it, and in that time we know that the spark plugs have not been replaced. So what I'm going to do, remove the coil packs, get those spark plugs out of here, and get a fresh set in from Rock Auto. Alright here's the moment of truth. Let's see what they're looking like. Wow, overall that looks like really good wear but it does look like they are original. [ MUSIC ]

(LT)>> Normally I do like a power step but in a situation like this with a truck that spends a lot of time going off road these running boards actually double as a little bit of body protection because it stops mud, and rocks, and stuff that's getting trapped by your tires and thrown up from scratching the paint on the side of the truck. [ MUSIC ] So a pro tip, when you're installing the brackets on the bottom side of your running board don't spin it around because they'll probably fall out. [ drill humming ]

(LT)>> I'd say that passes the test. Another practical add on for Jason's truck is this grille guard, and that was evident when he had to replace a $1,000 headlight when it got smashed on the job site, and this headache rack and tool box help with our transformation. Driveway Rescue would not be possible without the generous help from Rock Auto dot com. In fact they provided all the replacement parts and accessories that we've installed on this Tundra today, and on the line I've got Tom Taylor, one of the co-owners of Rock Auto to show him the progress that we've made on the truck. How's it going Tom?

(Tom)>> The truck looks really good.

(LT)>> So we've got a red Tundra here. It's lifted up and one of the most obvious transformation is of course the accessories that we've got on it.

(Tom)>> It looks like it really came together nice. The black and red, and everything fits so crisply. It really turned out nice.

(LT)>> Probably my favorite part, which really sets the truck kind of apart from the crowd, is this big grille guard up here. We've got the owner of the truck, Jason. He spends a lot of time out west in some of the oil fields and stuff like that, and he actually just busted out one of his headlights not too long ago because a big valve came off the back of another truck and it went right through it. So this grille guard is definitely gonna save him in the future. So there's Jason.

(Tom)>> Good, hey Jason, nice to meet you!

(Jason)>> You too Tom. I just wanted to thank all you guys at Rock Auto and Driveway Rescue for doing this for me. I really appreciate it.

(Tom)>> You're welcome, and thanks for giving us your truck to show all the parts we have for maintenance and accessories. We've really expanded into accessories the last couple of years. We have everything from what's on your truck to bed lines and racks for bikes, carpet, trailer hitches you name.

(Jason)>> I definitely know where to go to from now on.

(LT)>> Well we've got a few things left to tidy up, a few things to make sure are bolted down and tightened up. So we'll let you go Tom but once again thank you so much. We appreciate all your help.

(Tom)>> Thank you guys.

(LT)>> Alright guys well I'm super impressed with how the truck turned out. I think even those few simple parts on the outside made a big transformation. I think it'll be a lot more functional for when you get back out in the field. So the only thing left is we want you guys to go hop in that truck and go take it for a spin. Enjoy guys! For more information on our C-10 or any project be sure to check us out at Powernation TV dot com.
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