The Toyota 4Runner is a fairly common daily driver that boasts some underlying off-road capabilities. But as the off-roading trend of Overlanding continues to get more and more popular, we decided our stock 4Runner would be the right candidate for the guys of Carcass to pitch their tent.

Because Overlanding requires a lot of off-roading accessories, we made sure our 4Runner had all of the right parts in all of the right places like a set of Grabber A/T tires from General Tire, new brakes and shocks from Summit Racing, a full-size rooftop tent from iKamper, and a whole lot more!

The biggest challenge behind the 4Runner Overlander was to turn it from a factory stock SUV to a heavy-duty, jack-of-all-trades, on-road & off-road beast that is just as good performing through the dirt as it is driving down the highway. Overall, we were very satisfied with how this project turned out because not only did we manage to accomplish our goals, but we also tackled our first Overlanding project ever in POWERNATION history!