You might question why Detroit Muscle chose an unusual, yet unique project like an old Cadillac Hearse. The answer is simple – it’s highly recognizable and won’t cost you your life savings to make it perform. Whether you love it or it creeps you out, it’s a car you’ll have trouble turning away from. It came stock with a 500 c.i. motor that’s easily upgradable, meaning you won’t have any trouble “waking it up.” The guys thought it would be the perfect project that could be fun to build.

The most pressing upgrade the car begged for was an appearance transformation, which the guys took note of and installed a set of Magnaflow side pipes for a “Munster” look. It helped with the curb appeal and went from elegant to sinister with the biggest mufflers you’ll see. They followed this up with a set of M&H Racemaster Tires and some U.S. Wheel Rat Rod Series from Summit Racing. 

They took it a step further and stayed true to the aggressive theme by adding an exaggerated air cleaner visible through the hood, and gave the ride a shot of boost juice from NOS, but nothing this heavy can be stopped without a good set of brakes, which come from EBC. Not to be outdone by the exterior and performance upgrades, they also added a chainlink steering wheel from Summit racing to keep it spooky and some Racing Sport Seats.