New Waze Alert Will Tell You If A Road Has A History of Crashes

Waze is known for being one of the most reliable navigation apps for smart devices, thanks to its ability to inform users of incoming traffic, construction, police, accidents, and other potential obstructions. Now the app has announced its newest safety feature called “Crash History Alerts”, which will notify users of certain roads that are more accident-prone on your journey.

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What are “Crash History Alerts”?

There are an estimated 3,700 auto-related deaths every day, and crash injuries are reported to be the eighth leading cause of death in the world. Every two seconds, Waze sends out an alert about an accident to users all over the world. Now the app aims to keep drivers extra vigilant on certain streets in which several accidents have happened.

Through the Waze community and AI, these crash history alerts take data from accident locations and key information about your route, like traffic levels, if you are traveling on a highway or local road, etc. In the event that a Waze user’s route includes a road with a history of auto accidents, an alert will be sent to them as they approach that section of their journey. Mainly for areas that the driver does not normally drive through while using the app.

Other Waze Safety Features

This is the latest safety feature Waze has released to protect drivers on the road. In 2017, the app began sending real-time accident data to users, allowing them to take alternate routes and provide more time for first responders to arrive at accident scenes. In 2020, Waze also began utilizing “guidance prompts” by telling drivers which lane they should be in for upcoming merges or exits along their route.

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