Why Are Jeep, Ram, and Dodge Withdrawing from North American Auto Shows?

If you’ve attended big auto shows in the last year or so such as SEMA, the Detroit Auto Show, and the North American International Auto Show, you may have noticed that some major brands were missing out on the festivities. According to a report by Automotive News Canada, Stellantis has confirmed it will no longer participate in North American auto shows.

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Stellantis’s Exit from Auto Shows

Brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram enjoyed some success by dazzling attendees with their spectacular displays and interactive demonstrations at auto shows to connect and impress prospective customers. The Camp Jeep booths were always crowd-pleasers at these shows by allowing attendees to ride one of the display Jeeps on mock off-roading courses, each varying in skill and difficulty. Dodge was another fan-favorite by allowing families to ride shotgun in one of their HEMI V8 muscle cars on a makeshift drag strip. Even smaller brands like Fiat and Alfa Romeo enjoyed some of the exposure to the masses.

Why Quit Trade Shows?

Stellantis revealed that in 2024, the parent company is refocusing its marketing resources elsewhere. “With a focus on preserving business fundamentals to mitigate the impact of a challenging automotive market in North America, Stellantis is working to optimize its marketing strategy as it relates to auto shows,” Stellantis told¬†Automotive News Canada.

Stellantis had already announced that it was not going to be participating in the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show, as well as the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If anything, Stellantis will leave it up to independent dealerships whether they themselves would like to have a presence at auto shows. As far as any potential presence at future auto shows goes, a spokesman told Auto News that it would be on a “case-by-case basis.”

It should be noted that Stellantis isn’t alone in this decision to pull out of North American auto shows, as many other major automakers have also chosen to opt out of major events as well. Especially in today’s digital world, they can connect with as many customers through their smartphones and devices than through huge trade shows.

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