Steering Response and Nitrous Oxide Systems

How to Improve Steering Response

Back in the day, the GM, Ford, and Mopar factories gave you a choice of ‘Armstrong’ manual steering or light, one-finger power steering that didn’t provide a hint of feedback. But you can fix that with a Borgeson Power Steering Conversion Kit. Available for vehicles with manual or power steering, the kits have a quick-ratio steering box for better steering response and road feel. Best of all, the kits are complete bolt-ons—no cutting or welding required. Your arms will thank you.

Why Crossbar Technology Makes a Nitrous Oxide System Better

Traditional plate-style nitrous oxide systems used round spray bars to inject nitrous into the engine. Problem was, they tended to rotate, sag, and disrupt airflow if not installed correctly. Nitrous Express solved those problems with its Billet Crossbar Nitrous System. The single-stage system replaces the spray bars with a crossbar mounting bracket for the nitrous and fuel solenoids to significantly improve atomization and cylinder distribution. That means more power for your hard-earned money.