A Town Painted These Squiggly Street Lines and They’re Making Drivers Nauseous

When small towns need to deal with speeding in their community, some would assume they would set up speed bumps on key streets and have some sort of regular police presence there. Well, a small French village has decided that they will be using more of an artistic approach by painting a lot of squiggly street lines in an attempt to confuse and slow drivers.

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These lines don’t mean anything in terms of the rules of the road, but many speeding drivers don’t know that. When they see a large collection of random, tangled street lines painted onto the road, they don’t know what to do other than slow down and figure out how to correctly navigate this odd street.

Do These Squiggly Street Lines Work?

The village of Bauné can be found in western France about an hour away from Le Mans, and there is a particular in the town that has three major intersecting roads. Because this part of Bauné sees a lot of traffic, residents have also been having to deal with people driving far above the speed limit, and regular street signs have not been helpful in slowing them down.

Because many of these drivers would disregard these street signs, residents took matters into their own hands by painting a lengthy series of nonsensical street lines to catch drivers’ attention and encourage them to reduce their speed.

To a degree, the lines worked. One driver mentioned that the first time he saw the street lines, he intentionally slowed his vehicle down in an effort to make sense of them. However, another said that once she began driving over the lines regularly, the squiggly street lines stopped having an effect on her.

The Town Receives Pushback

But these squiggly street lines have also garnered some negative criticism, claiming that they can make drivers feel disoriented, making the roads even more dangerous than safer.

Given the feedback from those who are both supportive and against the unorthodox use of street lines, this squiggly pattern will remain in place until further notice. As of yet, there is not enough tangible data to support just how effective the lines have been when causing fast drivers to slow down.

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