Someone Snapped Into The Slim Jim Nissan Z and Stole It

Slim Jim, America’s iconic protein snack, has had its custom Nissan Z, known to fans as Fast Meat, stolen. The car was on the move as part of an ongoing partnership with WWE, making recent stops in Chicago for the Survivor Series event before traveling on to L.A. for a custom video shoot.

Slim Jim has been one of America’s favorite beef jerky snacks for decades. As part of its partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the brand debuted the Slim Jim Nissan Z (aka “Fast Meat”) as part of its promotional campaign. However, according to a press release from Conagra Brands, Fast Meat has been reported as stolen.

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What Happened to the Slim Jim Nissan Z?

The Slim Jim Nissan Z was touring the country from Chicago to Los Angeles as part of the WWE Survivor series. The car was scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles for a video shoot, but it never made it to its destination. According to the press release, the car was last seen in the state of California.

While police are actively on the search for the missing car, Slim Jim has encouraged their loyal fanbase, the Long Boi Gang, to use the hashtag #FindFastMeat to spread awareness of the stolen Z.

“We knew we had something special with our custom car, but had no idea it would be in such demand that someone would steal it,” said Ashley Spade, VP & General Manager, Snacks at Conagra Brands. “We continue to work closely with the authorities and we ask anyone if they spot it to report it to the LAPD.”

The Slim Jim Nissan Z had the car customized to best represent the brand, including a fiery exterior wrap, LED underlighting, custom yellow leather interior, a special Slim Jim holder for on-the-go snacking, a custom-made Slim Jim dispenser built into the glove box, and more.

Even the brand’s Instagram account addressed the news of the missing car while making a slight Fast and Furious joke at their own expense. “LBG I need you now more than ever there’s nothing more important than family.”

Some online users believe that this may be all part of a publicity stunt. But whether it is baloney or not, finding a stolen Slim Jim Nissan Z shouldn’t be too find. After all, neither the brand nor the car appear as though they’d rather slip into the background.

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