Play It Safe with Boost or Nitrous Oxide

Unregulated boost or nitrous can break an engine in short order. Innovate Motorsports PowerSafe Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges feature a Smart Safety Override feature that will disable the boost control or nitrous solenoid when the air/fuel ratio goes too lean. That prevents your engine from going boom. The PowerSafe gauges also have patented DirectDigital™ O2 sensor control technology for accurate air/fuel ratio readings and a bright OLED display with integrated shift light.

Turn Your 1968 Chevelle’s Dash into an Information Center

AutoMeter keeps rolling out its InVision Digital Dash for more and more classic muscle cars and trucks. The latest application is the 1968 Chevelle. Like all application-specific InVision dashes, it comes with a direct-fit dash panel that replaces the factory panel. It houses a 12.3-inch LCD display and a joystick that lets you configure the readout for speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, and voltage in one of four display styles. Don’t have a Chevelle? No problem—AutoMeter makes InVision Digital Dashes for classic GM trucks, Mustangs, Mopar A-Bodies, and other vehicles.

Single or Twin Turbos—Which One is Better for Boosting Your LS Engine?