New Mustang Customer Surprised with Handwritten Note from Ford

The 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse is probably one of the most exciting Fords to ever leave the assembly line. For Ford fans, this car is already a big deal. But one customer discovered that his new ride included a small, personal act of kindness that made a world of difference.

After purchasing his Dark Horse, customer Chris Cervenka found an interesting gift in his glovebox. It was a handwritten note from the employees of the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, inscribed and signed by a pair of workers responsible for building his particular car.

What Did The Note in the Mustang Say?

The note begins by congratulating Cervenka on his purchase of the Dark Horse, and went into further detail on the amount of care that went into his car’s construction at the Flat Rock Plant. “The employees here at Flat Rock Assembly plant want you to know that your car was built with quality in the forefront & Flat Rock Assembly pride. We love the cars we produce, so enjoy your beautiful iconic new Mustang!”

The note continues with a second message, adding, “We also wanted to let you know that your vehicle was made by engineers, management, and hourly members who built your car with love, pride, and did so with the safety of your family in mind. We know that you didn’t have to buy a Mustang, you chose to,” wrote the employee. “We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts and welcome you to the Ford Mustang Family. You are now officially a member of the coolest family on Earth!”

Ford CEO Jim Farley’s Reaction

Even Ford CEO Jim Farley recognized and praised the Ford factory employees for their thoughtful gift. “Our Flat Rock Assembly Plant team included notes for new Ford Mustang customers. Thanks for sharing, @therealcervenka! Enjoy your Mustang Dark Horse!”

It is unknown how many of these special notes may be hidden in other new Ford vehicles, but chances are they aren’t in every single Dark Horse. Besides, according to GoodCarBadCar, the Mustang has been the best-selling sports car of 2023. So even though the car itself is the centerpiece of this customer’s adulation, a little, personal gesture such as this is the perfect cherry on top.

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