Fast Food: This McDonald’s-Themed Barracuda Could Win You Free Burgers for a Year

Everyone knows the Hamburglar as McDonald’s burger-swiping bandit. But now he’s got himself a new getaway car dedicated to his hamburger heists: a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that will be making stops across the country as part of a new nationwide marketing campaign.

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Spotting the Burger Barracuda

Codenamed “Burgercuda”, the muscle car is already a huge attention magnet. It has received a long list of custom features dedicated to capturing the Hambuglar’s love for burgers, but with the classic all-American style and performance of a ’70s muscle car often seen in classic heist films. While he may be able to evade authorities, this Barracuda can be easily spotted by fans.

Some of the custom features include:

  • Signature black-and-white strips across the car’s interior and exterior, as well as his logo on the headrests and red detailing
  • Burger bun-shaped hubcaps
  • A spare tire disguised as a giant cheeseburger
  • Hidden burger warmer in the center console
  • The Hamburglar’s catchphrase on the hood scoop and license plate which reads “RBL RBL”

Rewards for Finding the Burgercuda

If you happen to see the Burgercuda at your local McDonald’s, fans will be rewarded for locating the burger bandit with an Arch Card, Hambuglar swag, and a chance of winning free McDonald’s burgers for a year.

“McDonald’s built a legacy on serving delicious burgers, but anytime we have an opportunity to make the best even better, we take it,” said Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s. “It’s no surprise these changes caught the attention of our biggest burger fan – the Hamburglar. We’re excited for fans to join in on the fun as they look for him on his burger-stealing spree. You never know where he’ll pop up next.”  

The car would also make a nice reward, but that may not cut the mustard with the company.

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