Distressed Kia Sportage Owner Dumps His Car at the Dealer and Walks Four Hours Home After Constant Thefts

2023 Kia Sportage X-Pro
2023 Kia Sportage X-Pro

It has been a rough year for Kia after strings of thefts and break-ins were fueled by a social media trend, and no one has been hurt the most than the owners of the cars themselves. It had reached the point that one Kia Sportage owner was so frustrated with his car being stolen and broken into that he left it at the dealership where he bought it and walked four hours home.

Why Abandon The Kia Sportage?

According to FOX 13, Behrouz Alimoradi told police that his Kia Sportage was stolen. But even after they managed to locate it, he found that the windows smashed out as it sat in his driveway.

“I’m tired, you know. I swear I’m tired about this car,” Alimoradi told FOX 13.

According to Alimoradi, he had to deal with four separate theft incidents with his Kia in the two years of purchasing it. That included his own out-of-pocket money for repairs. But after having to go through a fourth ordeal with the car, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

He said that he had reached his tipping point with the car that he dropped the Kia Sportage back at the same dealership where he bought it and walked the four hours back home.

Why Are Thieves Targeting Kias and Hyundais?

Local authorities and law enforcement have had to repeatedly remind Kia and Hyundai owners that thieves will purposefully target their cars due to social media explaining how easy it is to break into them. That included supplying owners with anti-theft devices, as well as a software update from Kia. Unfortunately, neither of these attempts has deterred thieves from targeting these cars. Even several insurance companies refuse to provide coverage to Kias and Hyundais due to the frequency of thefts.

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