Loose Tire Launches Kia Soul Skyward In Wild Highway Accident

Kia Soul launched in the air by a loose tire
Kia Soul launched in the air by a loose tire

Sometimes an accident can be appropriately described as a “freak accident” purely by the results of unfortunate timing. Like a domino effect where someone falls victim to an outside source beyond their control. A Kia Soul driver on the 118 Freeway outside of Los Angeles, CA found this out when a loose wheel from a modded Chevrolet Silverado became dislodged and smashed directly into the tiny hatchback.

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With no time to react, the Kia Soul got launched high into the air like one of the many accident-prone vehicles from the highway chase sequence from The Matrix: Reloaded. After crash landing back down on the highway, the car remarkably rolls back right-side up. But the poor Kia Soul is not out of the woods yet, because even after landing back upright on all four wheels, the loose wheel comes back for seconds by hitting the car again in the rear.

The video of the accident was recorded by Twitter user Anoop_Khatra, who was driving his Tesla behind the Kia Soul. According to him, the driver of the Kia emerged from the car unharmed. Another positive note of this incident was that there were not any passengers inside the Kia Soul at the time of the incident either. Anoop also credits Tesla’s autopilot feature for steering his car out of the way of the rouge tire.

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The reason why the Silverado’s wheel became dislodged remains unknown, though many viewers believe that it may have been due to poorly-installed lug nuts or wheel spacer. While it is remarkable that no one was seriously injured in this accident, it serves as a reminder to anyone with aftermarket mods on their vehicles to make sure that they are installed properly. Otherwise, an innocent bystander may find themselves paying the price for someone else’s negligence.

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