Jumping Deer Slams Into Mint Condition Pickup Truck Right Before The Owner Sold It

Selling a full-size Chevy Silverado in mint condition sounds like a deal that is too good to be true. Unfortunately for one New Jersey resident, a jumping deer with a case of bad timing nearly sabotaged the deal.

Jumping Deer vs Chevy Silverado

Captured on his home security camera, Jay Vaughn, the owner of the 2007 Chevy Silverado watched as a jumping deer appeared in his front yard and leaped over two vehicles, only for it to slam into the side of the very truck he was trying to sell. But if that wasn’t enough bad luck, poor timing was also at play as the customer arrived at the exact same time as the deer did!

While none of this is the fault of the truck’s owner, it was definitely a chain reaction of things beyond his control leading up to this incident.

“Just couldn’t believe it,” says Vaughn. “You promise the guy the truck’s in immaculate condition and a deer comes out of nowhere and just caves the side of it in.”

As a result of the jumping deer putting a giant dent into the side of the truck, the owner decided to reduce the price of the truck from $9,400 to $8,500. The new owner of the truck, equally as amazed and shocked by this turn of events said he would just use the extra money to purchase a new bed for the truck.

The video has since gone viral, collecting millions of views on social media. “I watched it at least a hundred times,” says Vaughn. Normally when selling a used truck, the customer will ask the seller to take off a few bucks from the vehicle. But in this case, it appears a buck knocked a few bucks off the truck instead!

What is particularly interesting is that experts predicted a sharp rise in deer-related incidents for the month of November, as the month falls under the animals’ mating season, making them more active in communities where they reside.

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