Jeep Recognized as the Most American Brand for 20 Consecutive Years

As a tribute to U.S. military members, the Jeep® brand is offering a military-themed, special limited-edition Freedom package for the 2023 Gladiator and Wrangler, featuring military-themed exterior and interior design cues. The Jeep brand will make a $250 donation to military charities with every Freedom edition sold.

Walmart. Apple. Amazon. Coca-Cola. These are just a few all-American brands that consumers feel best to embody all things USA. According to New York-based brand loyalty consultancy Brand Keys, the brand that has been named “most patriotic”, and remains undefeated for 20 years, is Jeep.

“The Jeep brand is a classic. Its ability to literally own the value of patriotism seems timeless,” says Brand Keys president and founder Robert Passikoff. “That value, ‘patriotism,’ is the emotional part of decision-making that accounts for an enormous portion of why consumers have emotionally engaged with the brand. Jeep resonates a degree of allegiance consumers recognize, appreciate and, most importantly, act upon when making a purchase decision.”

Brand Keys determined the 2022 rankings by surveying over 5,800 consumers aged between 16 to 65 and evenly balanced for gender and political leanings. Over 1,172 brands were assessed using Brand Keys’ emotional engagement measures to determine how much “patriotism” they displayed. Overall, Jeep was once again selected for the top spot.

“The Jeep brand has become synonymous around the world for outdoor adventure and freedom, and being recognized as America’s most patriotic brand for two decades running is a testament to our passionate Jeep community and to all those who protect our independence,” says Jim Morrison, Senior Vice President and Head of Jeep North America. 

Jeep recently announced the limited-edition Freedom package for the 2023 Gladiator and Wrangler, offering minimalist military themes for the interior and exterior. Jeep also announced that they would donate $250 to military charities for every Freedom Gladiator and Wrangler sold.

Below are the results for the Top 20 Patriotic Brands of 2022:

  1. Jeep
  2. Disney
  3. Amazon, Walmart
  4. Coca-Cola
  5. American Express, Ford
  6. Apple, Coors
  7. Levi Strauss
  8. Hershey’s
  9. Pfizer
  10. Domino’s, Netflix
  11. The New York Times
  12. Ralph Lauren
  13. Jack Daniels
  14. Pepsi
  15. Dunkin’
  16. Colgate
  17. Sam Adams, Wrangler
  18. USAA
  19. FOX News
  20. Harley-Davidson

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