Jeep Reaches Settlement Over Wrangler & Gladiator’s “Death Wobble”

A lawsuit filed against FCA US (formerly Chrysler Group LLC) consisting of Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator owners is moving forward over a recurring “death wobble” issue in 2018-2020 year models.

The “death wobble” is a nickname coined by Jeep enthusiasts when describing the vibrations generated by live-axle front suspensions, which require many linkages to maneuver. Ball joints are used to support these linkages, and a steering damper is needed to quell any unnecessary shaking. But due to the number of linkages that aren’t perfectly installed, this can cause an increase in shaking (aka, the “death wobble”) that gradually gets more intense.

One would assume that the steering damper would be the simple solution to this issue. Unfortunately, it was learned that the steering components in live axles have a tendency to wear out at a higher rate than your standard rack-and-pinion assembly.

In a report by the Detroit Free Press, a proposed agreement to the FCA US will have the group admit no wrongdoing, as well as pay $3.95 million in attorney fees, as well as $4,000 for each of the six class representatives, as well as a warranty extension to eight years and 90,000-miles.

This agreement proposal to this lawsuit suggesting a new warranty and cash back will be submitted in a fairness hearing on April 19th, 2023.

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