How to Improve Steering Response in That Old Ford

Driving a classic Ford car with manual steering will really give your arms a workout, especially if the box is worn out. But you can fix that with a Borgeson Power Steering Conversion Kit. The kits have a 14:1 quick-ratio steering box for better steering response and road feel. The boxes bolt in the factory mounting location and fit the stock steering linkage—no cutting or welding required. Your arms will thank you.

Do a Control Arm Swap and Get Back on the Road

Not everyone needs high-dollar forged or tubular control arms. If what you need are quality control arms for your daily driver so you can get to work, Moog R-Series control arms are ideal. They’re direct replacements for the stock control arms, and retain the factory suspension geometry. Moog even installed new bushings, and most arms come fitted with new ball joints.

Give Your Ford FE Better Rocker Arms

Why use PRW Industries Pro Series Stainless Steel Rocker Arms instead of aluminum on your high performance FE motor? Stainless has greater fatigue strength and is less prone to flexing. That means longer life and more stable valvetrain timing, especially with high valve spring pressures. PRW also relieves each full-roller rocker for extra valve spring clearance. Add in CNC machined billet steel pedestals, ground steel alloy rocker shafts, and alloy steel fasteners and you’ve got some of the best FE rocker arms available.