Careless Ford Mustang Driver Smashes His Open Door Into a Garage

Ford Mustang Driver Smashes His Open Door Into a Garage
Ford Mustang Driver Smashes His Open Door Into a Garage

You may be surprised by the number of accidents that occur while happening at low speeds. Whether it’s a minor fender-bender in a parking lot, or a car that ever so slightly touches the car in front of them while parallel parking, anything can happen while moving less than 5 miles-per-hour if you’re not paying attention. If you fail to check your mirrors, put your car into the right gear, or anything else that we learned in Driver’s Ed, a simple mistake could cost you big time.

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That was the case for one Ford Mustang driver who completely forgot his driver’s side door was open while backing up into a garage. In a video posted to the Instagram account @roc_nyc, it shows a silver 6th-generation Ford Mustang with its door wide open getting caught on a nearby table before being smashed into the garage wall.

On one hand, the door manages to stay in one piece. But on the other hand, pushing the door beyond its hinges into the front fender is definitely going to cost the owner of this Mustang a hefty repair bill. What makes this incident even more devastating was that the garage door was significantly large enough for the car to back in with ample amounts of space on either side. Sadly, this one miscalculation is going to cost him big time.

With the new 2024 Ford Mustang arriving in the Summer of 2023, this may be more incentive for this driver to use this opportunity to upgrade to the latest model. We can only hope that whatever the owner does, he’ll be much more responsible next time around.

Also, if you are a ’90s kid, this incident may also remind you of the “Whatdya do?” scene in Tommy Boy where the late Chris Farley is spotted doing the exact same thing to David Spade’s car.

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