Florida Divers Find 32 Cars Dumped In a Lake During Missing Person Cold Case

One of the 32 cars found submerged in a Florida lake
One of the 32 cars found submerged in a Florida lake

What is interesting about cold case investigations is sometimes a wild discovery is made completely by accident. Like divers finding 32 submerged cars in a Florida lake.

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32 Missing Cars Found During Cold Case Investigation

In a report by NewsNation, volunteer divers with the United Search Corps were working on a cold case involving a missing person. Their investigation led them to a lake near Miami where they began exploring the murky waters that eventually resulted in the discovery of dozens of cars that were once hidden under the water’s surface.

While working with the Miami-Date Police Department, United Search Corps founder Doug Bishop believes that finding 32 cars in the same lake could be the result of some criminal activity. “This many in one lake is pretty alarming,” Bishop told NewsNation.

Bishop adds that they have not found a car connected to the cold case that they were working on at the time of the discovery. “A lot of these vehicles are very old,” says Bishop. But it is possible that some of the 32 cars that were found may be connected to other missing persons cases that have been active for decades.

Due to depth, poor visibility, and distance many of the cars were found from the shore, the Miami-Date Police Department expects the recovery process to take some time until all of the vehicles are removed from the lake. Some cars were swept away so far out by currents that they may need to be towed back to shore until they are within range of tow trucks and cranes.

Could These Cars Be Connected To Something Bigger?

The first vehicle that was pulled from the lake was a 2002 Nissan Altima, which was confirmed stolen by the Doral Police Department. Authorities believe that a majority of the 32 cars in the lake are likely connected to smaller crimes like fraud or theft. However, should any of the vehicles be connected to any sort of homicide or missing persons, special units will be on standby to launch an investigation.

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