Driver’s Ed Instructor Fired After Plowing A Car Into The School

Hyundai Tuscon driven into the driving school by a rookie driver's ed instructor | via Twitter
Hyundai Tuscon driven into the driving school by a rookie driver’s ed instructor | via Twitter

You know the saying, “Do as I say, not as I do”? Well, that wasn’t enough for one rookie driver’s ed instructor to keep his job after crashing a car directly into the driving school. While most of us probably have never been driving instructors, we’d probably be correct in assuming that a Hyundai Tuscon doesn’t belong in the school’s lobby. The good news is nobody was hurt. The better news is that this driver’s ed instructor isn’t teaching anymore.

When Driver’s Ed Gets A Little Too Real

According to Denver7, the rookie instructor was driving up to the school for in-class training when they ended up driving through the very front of the building. Apparently, it was only their second day working there.

In a post shared by Lakewood Police Department says that there was only one minor injury resulting from this incident, as many people were able to “dive out of harm’s way” for safety. The photo in the caption could be considered both unintentionally funny and an odd way of advertising. Either way, it makes for a memorable image. In an added layer of irony, a pair of contrails in the sky above the building form a giant “X”, marking the spot of the incident.

Teaching Isn’t For Everyone

This is just one example of how not everyone should be allowed to teach. Another time, a high school auto teacher allegedly rented a Toyota Supra for a land speed race with students and caused $4,000 in damages.

Whether you have taken driver’s ed or not, we can all confidently say that lying on your resum√© was never part of the driving exam. Nonetheless, it’s still an important lesson for everyone. It may be even more awkward though, if the former instructor has to return to this same driving school for lessons.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone completely bombed behind the wheel at driver’s ed. In Argentina, one student failed a driving test so badly that it resulted in a flipped car and a ride to the hospital.

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