The Dodge Challenger Barely Outsells The Ford Mustang By Just 35 Cars in Q3

For the battle of the top muscle car in 2023, the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang fighting for that title is like watching King Kong vs. Godzilla. It could really be anyone’s game.

As of Q3, the Dodge Challenger is currently leading with a total of 35,350 sold units. But don’t count the Ford Mustang out just yet, as they are right on the Challenger’s tail at 35,315 sold units, which is only 35 cars behind.

The Ford Mustang Speeds Up in Q3

According to a press release from Ford, Mustang sales were up 90% in Q3. Despite falling behind the Challenger, the Mustang saw a total of 6,575 sold cars in September, adding to its Q3 total of 9,844. This spike in interest has the 2024 Ford Mustang selling on dealership lots in an average of six days upon arrival.

Certainly, a big reprieve for Ford as they only managed to sell 2,036 units in August of 2023. More so because in this same timeframe, the Dodge Challenger saw a total of 3,692 sold units, and even the Chevy Camaro outsold them with 2,450 units. Overall, the summer was not very kind to the new Ford Mustang as it only saw 1,233 sold units in July of 2023, while the Challenger outsold it again with 3,834 units, as well as the Camaro with 2,545 sold units.

Can The Dodge Challenger Stay In The Lead?

But despite its lead over the Mustang, sales for the Dodge Challenger have seen a 33% drop in Q3 when compared to this same time in 2022. Not to mention that this is the final year for the Dodge Challenger to be equipped with the HEMI V8 before transitioning over to a full-electric platform, though rumors suggest a new gas-powered version could be in the works too. This decline could be the result of hungry Dodge fans getting their hands on the coveted “Last Call” models, as well as standard Challengers in the already competitive buyer’s market. Now that summer is over, desirability for the Dodge Challenger may not be as high in the fall and winter. Especially if many of the desirable models are already taken.

What About The Chevy Camaro?

Even though this battle is primarily between the Dodge Challenger and the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro is the only muscle car seeing a positive sales year. There have been a total of 7,351 sold units in Q3 of 2023 for the muscle car, which is up 28.7% when compared to Q3 of last year. Interest in the Camaro may also be due to the fact that Chevrolet is phasing it out by the end of this year.

So with one last hurrah left in it, will the Dodge Challenger stand tall as the best-selling V8 muscle car on the market before going electric? Or will the Ford Mustang be the last car standing? Because as of 2024, it will technically be the last V8-powered muscle car left.

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