Better Ignition Coils for Next Level Performance

Modern high performance engines need a bigger spark to make power. NGK’s MOD Series Ignition Coils feature custom primary and secondary windings vacuum-sealed in epoxy resin to increase spark output, high-temperature PET composite housings, and high-temperature silicone COP boots to handle severe engine conditions. Pair your MOD Series coils with NGK spark plugs and your ignition system is good to go.

The Better Way to Move Your Projects Around

Project vehicles are a pain to move, especially on your back and legs. Avoid the agony and slide a set of Auto Dolly Car Dollies under them instead. The dollies fit under each tire and have smooth-rolling, non-marring caster wheels that make it easy to maneuver a car in the garage or on any smooth surface. They’re available in versions rated from 6,000 to 16,000 pounds per set of four—there’s even a version for dually trucks and trailers.  

Tips (& Torque) for Proper Spark Plug Installation

For many engines, spark plug replacement is a relatively simple job—yet it’s also a job that absolutely needs to be done properly to avoid near-catastrophic issues. Horror stories abound of seized, stripped, and cracked spark plugs turning an easy task into a days-long affair involving drills, taps, and Heli-Coils.

All good reasons to watch this video from the spark plug experts over at NGK.