Arnold Schwarzenegger Accidentally Strikes Bicyclist Who Swerved Into His Lane

According to TMZ, actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a traffic incident where a bicyclist was sent to the hospital after making contact with his vehicle.

According to authorities, a woman riding her bike in West L.A. had made a sudden left turn into the same lane as Schwarzenegger, resulting in her being hit by his SUV. Three eyewitnesses say that even though he driving at a very slow speed, the woman swerved in front of his vehicle too quickly for him to hit the brakes in time.

Police say that Schwarzenegger is not at fault for the incident, and the cyclist has since been transported to the ER with only minor injuries.

Following the incident, it was reported that the actor attached the woman’s bike to his SUV and brought it to a local bicycle shop to have it repaired.

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