A Tow Truck Driver Allegedly Stole The Custom 1965 Ford Mustang He Was Ordered To Pick Up

1965 Ford Mustang | image via the Gwinnett County Police Department

If you manage to get your hands on a classic car in mint condition, it can feel too good to be true. So good that you start to anticipate that something bad may happen to spoil the mood. Well, that is exactly what happened to one Louisiana man who ordered a classic 1965 Ford Mustang and had a tow truck company pick it up for him in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and drop it off in Louisiana. While the tow truck did arrive and leave with the Mustang, it never arrived at its new owner’s destination.


According to the Gwinnett County Police, this Mustang had a full list of custom modifications including:

  • Front fender and rear quarter panel wheel wells cut out
  • Custom fiberglass bodywork
  • Wide American Racing Wheels
  • Square LED Angle Eye headlights
  • LED rear taillights
  • “Recaro” clothing racing bucket seats
  • Modified instrument panel with a 66-style Mustang cluster

Why Hasn’t This 1965 Ford Mustang Been Returned?

Authorities say that the case was more of a civil matter than a criminal one, as the driver of the tow truck contacted the buyer insisting that he pay for the tow before dropping the Mustang off. The owner scoffed at the idea, saying that he would pay for the tow after the Mustang was received.

To make things even more complicated, the new owner of the 1965 Ford Mustang was waiting until he received the title of the car to be transferred from the previous owner to him.

As of yet, it appears that the conflict between the customer and the tow truck driver has not been resolved as further complaints have led the Gwinnett County Police to say that they are working to locate the “stolen 1965 Ford Mustang” in a Facebook post.

In the official police report, the offense has been described as “theft by deception”, and they will work with anyone with additional information to help locate and recover the vehicle.

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