This 24-Year-Old Crashed a Prize Lamborghini Huracan Because of “Some Cow”

British lottery winner Grant Burnett posing with his Lamborghini Huracan

If you bought a $1.20 lottery ticket, and suddenly found yourself the owner of a Lamborghini Huracan, you’d think you’d be the luckiest person in the world. Sadly, everyone’s luck has to run out eventually. Some a lot sooner than others.

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That was the case for 24-year-old Grant Burnett of England who purchased an online raffle ticket in February 2023. Out of all the entrants, it was Burnett who won the grand prize with the offer of either a Lamborghini Hurcan (valued at $160,000) or £100,000 ($119,000). He ultimately chose the Lamborghini, as many 24-year-olds would.

After all, taking home a $160k supercar for the price of a lottery ticket is a very good deal. Follow that up by posting videos and photos of himself with his new ride and a bottle of champagne on social media, and Grant feels like the happiest man in the world. At least for that moment…

Sadly, a few weeks later that big smile disappeared when Burnett shared images of his new Lambo, now damaged after being involved in a crash. While many people commenting claimed Burnett crashed the car on his own, he responded by claiming that it wasn’t his fault. According to Burnett, he says he was rear-ended by “some cow”, causing him to lose control. Based on images shared on The Daily Mail, the damage done to the car was more than significant.

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The Huracan’s bodywork consists entirely of forged carbon fiber, attributed to its lightweight design. So in the scenario where a mid-engined car is producing too much power while mid-turn, there is a possibility that the car could spin out entirely on its own. So whether or not Burnett was telling the truth, it is nonetheless probable for someone to easily lose control of a supercar if they do not have the right amount of experience behind the wheel of a powerful car. This is why there are so many stories about tourists being reported in accidents involving high-end rental cars.

The Lamborghini received mangled front quarter panels, a cracked and dislodged front splitter, and the hood took a pretty bad hit as well. It is unknown whether or not the vehicle was totaled, or if the damage was simply cosmetic. Either way, it doesn’t appear Burnett will be driving the prized Huracan anytime soon.

Despite the accusations from other Facebook users, Burnett claims they were trolling him out of “jealousy.”

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